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I *heart* cookbooks!
I love to flip through the pages, pick outrageous recipes, and then try them (even though I am beyond the pickiest eater I know).  It is just fun to get into the kitchen and have some fun.
So about every 3 months I head to netgalley to get a sneak peak at what is coming soon.

This time I picked up Zombie Cupcakes (for the visual experience) and Grilled Cheese, Please! (for the cooking experience).  Both were excellent choices!

What I Loved:  There were many stunning pictures in this cookbook and few sufficiently creepy ones.  It was nice of the authors to go over working with fondant and how to really craft a good cupcake.  There were also a few of the cake parts that I want to try!  One in particular:  Key Lime Cupcakes (I will put it at the bottom—just the ingredients though).

Who I would recommend it too:  Anyone really creative that likes to theme their cupcakes.  I could see these being a big hit at Halloween or during a The Walking Dead house party.  If you could recreate some of these, you would definitely be the hit of the party!

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

What I Loved:  I love cheese!  I can’t eat much of it but when I do, I want it to be scrumptious!  There were so many unique sandwiches in this book–many from popular restaurants both in America and Overseas.  Plus there were sections: Just Cheese, Cheese and Meat, A Touch of Sweet, ect.  I think there was something in this for everyone.  I really enjoyed the first part where the author broke down the basics: How to get a crispy sandwich, what kind of pan, butter, cooking choices, and other tips.  It was great to get that bit of cooking tips πŸ™‚

Who I would recommend it too:  Really anyone who likes grilled cheese sandwiches. Some of these were harder than others in prep but the author gave you every step from sauces to sandwich.  I see some cheesy goodness in my future!

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

***I included examples from each book but only the ingredients because really the cookbooks are both worthy purchases! *****

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