Contemporary Romance Audiobook Review: Summer Nights by Susan Mallery (Check it Out)

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New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery’s newest Fool’s Gold story proves that wild hearts cannot be tamed… Horse whisperer Shane Stryker is done with passion. This time around, he’s determined to meet someone who will be content with the quiet life of a rancher’s wife. And the fiery, pint-size redhead who dazzles him at the local bar definitely does not fit the bill. Small-town librarian Annabelle Weiss has always seen herself as more of a sweetheart than a siren, so she can’t understand why Shane keeps pushing her away. Shane has formed the totally wrong impression of her but only he can help her with a special event for the next Fool’s Gold festival. And maybe while he’s at it, she can convince him to teach her a few things about kissing on hot summer nights, too-some lessons, a girl shouldn’t learn from reading a book!

Received Audiobook for Review
Overall Rating 3.75
Story Rating 3.50
Character Rating 4.00

RELEASE DATE : June 26, 2012

Audio Rating: 3.50 (not part of the overall rating)

First thought when finished: Not my favorite in the Fool’s Gold series but still an enjoyable read!

What I Loved: I loved seeing more of the friendship between Heidi, Annabelle, and Charlie. Their connection as friends was lovely and supportive. I love strong friendships in stories and this was one of the strongest. They will all go out of their way, step out of their comfort zones, and embrace each other whenever needed. I think that speaks to Susan’s wonderful story telling ability that it felt like a very real friendship!

What I Liked: I liked that we started seeing some healing in the Stryker family. I also really like that it isn’t all tied up in a bow. You see there is still a long way to go but that each of them are trying hard to mend what they can. I think Rafe taking the lead in this was awesome but it was nice to see the other two brothers step up too.

What made me go huh?: Can’t really say that I loved Annabelle or Shane. They both were holding on to the past a little to strongly for my taste. The were getting in their own ways and that got a little annoying about 2/3rds through. Their problems were not with each other but with their pasts.

Audio Specific Review: Tanya Eby did a fantastic job with all the gal’s voices in Summer Nights. Her pacing was excellent and her nuances were spot on. I do feel that her male voices were not as good but not horrible. There are quite a few male voices in this one so it can be a little distracting.

Final Thought: I think everyone should read this one, especially if you are a fan of Fool’s Gold. It has a strong friendship that is wonderful to read and you find out more about Charlie whose book is next and I am really looking forward to it!

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19 responses to “Contemporary Romance Audiobook Review: Summer Nights by Susan Mallery (Check it Out)

  1. Stephanie G

    Great review! Summer Nights was such a great book. I absolutely loved Annabelle and Shane’s story!

  2. Summer Nights is a great summer read. Annabelle is caring, a great friend, & so sweet! I love that Annabelle wanted to learn how to ride a horse for her fundraiser for her bookmobile. I don’t want to give away anything. I love that there is so many surprises! There is 1 thing that I absolutely love a lot & it has to do with Shane, but I am not going to give it away. Summer Nights is my favorite book in the entire Fool’s Gold series! I give 5 stars!

  3. I can not wait to read Summer Nights! My plan is to read it on my side deck that over looks the city. I want to read it at night so I can see the city lights. This plan may need to be done the following night or earlier or later or with my laptop so I can join a chat. The wait is almost up!

  4. Nice review. I liked reading your thoughts. I don’t really read genres like this, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. I like what you said about the characters getting in their own way.

    • I don’t think Contemporary Romance works for everyone. It is still hit and miss for me. I find I can’t read about things I know well. The friendships are what made this particular book shine πŸ™‚

  5. I love strong friendships in stories, too. It seems to give the MCs depth and usually makes me care more about them.

  6. Charlotte

    OMG Im so jealous you have read it sniff sniff Im reading the Christmas one coming in 2012 and Ill get to post a review soon its so nice to read and re-read the books I love them all of them.

  7. Melissa

    I am so ready to read!! πŸ™‚ Only 6 days!!
    Seems to long to wait!! Thank you Susan!! πŸ™‚

  8. Well this sounds like a nice easy breezy series with good relationships and a couple of annyoning characters. I have been seeing this series everywhere and now I know a little more about it.