#BookAdvent Day 3: Books on Tape

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Hey y’all! Guess who remembered she had another blog? 🙂

Welcome to my 2021 Book Advent!  I am not sure what I will be doing on this blog going forward after taking almost 2 years off.  I do know I miss celebrating books so we will start there.  The best way I can think to do this is by celebrating the books that have changed my life.

Day 3: Books On Tape

Not an official title though I am sure there was something called Books on Tape but if you took long road trips in the 80s, ever stopped at a Truck Stop, and managed to find that golden unabridged version (honestly didn’t matter what fiction category it fell in), then you know of which I speak!

33 records were my gateway into audiobooks but Books on Tape were the things that kept my teenage sanity in check on long (and often) road trips with the family.  Audiobooks were becoming a huge thing in the 80s when many families took long road trips either cause they moved for jobs (like us) or because that was the cheapest way to travel.  Truck stops did this wonderful thing of letting you rent an audiobook that you could return to another truck stop down the line.

Now I know this isn’t a specific book but if you understood the impact (and maybe you do if you know about Sultry Listeners) these books had on my future, then you would understand why they deserve their very own shoutout. They came in these super clunky basically trapper keepers (google it if you have no idea). They changed my world!

So they deserve a shoutout. Unfortunately I no longer own any so no actual pictures but trust me —they are vintage to the core!

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