#BookAdvent Day 2: The Stand by Stephen King

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Hey y’all! Guess who remembered she had another blog? 🙂

Welcome to my 2021 Book Advent!  I am not sure what I will be doing on this blog going forward after taking almost 2 years off.  I do know I miss celebrating books so we will start there.  The best way I can think to do this is by celebrating the books that have changed my life.

Day 2: The Stand by Stephen King

Oh this book, I feel so many things about it.  Not all of them good but we are talking about books that changed my life.  I actually read The Stand AFTER watching the mini-series. I freaking loved the mini-series (this is the original not the new one) but I had a couple of characters that I was supposed to like (I guess) that I just did not.

So let me tell you a story about a book that both reinforced my feelings about some characters (FRANNIE–I just do not like you) and one that made me feel something for a character that seemed to have one character note in the TV Series (HAROLD–if only you had made different choices and that people had treated you more kindly).  I was late to reading the Stand, which is very unusual for me but straight up horror wasn’t really my thing.  I loved Thrillers but at that time paranormal(ish) horror just didn’t entertain me.  I read Carrie and Pet Cemetery , then decided Stephen King wasn’t in my wheel house really. At the time, I was reading Historical Romance and Historical Fiction (North and South by John Jakes, Wagon’s West by Dana Fuller Ross).  So his writing wasn’t what I was into at the moment.

In the late 80s and early 90s, TV mini-series were a thing and they were fab.  Also as I mentioned yesterday, campy Supernatural TV series were also a thing. It changed what I was craving to read. By this time I had read Knight in Shining Armor which bridged a gap between the two. Found Linda Leal Miller wrote a vampire series (I have a tattoo based on one of the covers so that series will be spotlighted also this month) and that led to Johanna Hailey, Teresa Medeiros, Christine Feehan, Maggie Shayne, and I can go on forever.

The TV Series also is what opened me up to reading The Stand because after watching  I felt like it was different than early books I had read by Stephen King. I was not wrong, it was wide ranging tale of humans at their best and at their worst. More importantly, it showed all the layers of grey that are sometimes missed. Which may have also opened me up to heroes that have grey areas. It changed my life in one more significant way: Whenever possible I read the book before seeing a TV or Movie adaptation.  Sometimes they are better, sometimes they are worse but I like reading the original way the story was told.

The Stand by Stephen King

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