#BookAdvent Day 1: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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Hey y’all! Guess who remembered she had another blog? 🙂

Welcome to my 2021 Book Advent!  I am not sure what I will be doing on this blog going forward after taking almost 2 years off.  I do know I miss celebrating books so we will start there.  The best way I can think to do this is by celebrating the books that have changed my life.

Day 1: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This book y’all is one that I didn’t particularly like when I was first “forced” to read it. I liked the parts with the sisters (the ups and downs) but Darcy drove me NUTS. It wasn’t until a few years later (and before I saw Colin Firth as Darcy—he is my favorite movie version) that I reread on a whim and fell in love.

First let me explain why I sometimes reread books that I might not have enjoyed the first time: I am a MOOD Reader. Seriously, if I am not in the mood even my favorite books will fall flat and make me nuts.  I reread Pride and Prejudice after reading Wishes (which will be featured on another day). I remember thinking, why didn’t I read Pride and Prejudice as a romance instead of a school assignment to dissect (I hated dissecting books—looking at you Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man).  So I read it with a fresh perspective and BOOM fell in love with Darcy. Once I fell in love with Darcy my whole outlook on the story changed.  I became that person who told everyone they must read the book and love it.

This is where it changed my life: I realized I wanted to share my love of what I loved to read with every single person I would meet.  It is what, at the time, sent me in search of like minded people. It was the 90s and AOL chat rooms were becoming a thing.  Oddly my search lead me fan fiction groups for my favorite campy shows, mostly Forever Knight.  From there, we met in person –wrote really bad fan fiction and shared our love of other vampire novels we loved. I found a group of people that also loved romance novels through this process. Some I still talk to today.

So I can thank Jane Austen for Sultry Listeners because without falling in love with Darcy, I might not have traveled this road.  There were plenty of other heroes that I love/loved with that passion but that book was approved by scholars. It kind of gave me that initial permission to be like YOU REALLY SHOULD READ IT.  It also gave me permission to draw parallels between my beloved romance novels and a book that was required reading.  Strange road but one that I love.  It is amazing the books that will change our lives in the most unexpected of ways!



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