Audiobook Review: Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett

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Audiobook Review: Book Clubbed by Lorna BarrettSource: Audiobook Review, Provided by Tantor

Format: Audiobook

Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett
Narrator: Karen White
Length: 8 hrs and 47 mins

Date Read: September 2014

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Mystery

New York Times bestselling author Lorna Barrett is back in town—Booktown, that is—with another page-turning mystery. This time bookstore owner Tricia Miles and her sister, Angelica, put their own problems on the shelf to catch a killer who turns a bookcase into a murder weapon…

Cranky Chamber of Commerce receptionist Betsy Dittmeyer is done reading people the riot act. After she’s crushed by a fallen bookcase, the next item to be read is her last will and testament—which is packed with surprises. It soon comes to light that Betsy was hiding volumes of dark secrets behind that perpetual frown of hers—and one of them just might have been a motive for murder.

While Tricia tries to help Angelica—the newly elected Chamber of Commerce president and Betsy’s boss—solve the mystery, she discovers a hidden chapter in her own family history that rocks her to her very core. And with her ex-husband and the chief of police vying for her affections, it’s doubly hard to focus on who might have buried Betsy in a tomb of tomes.

But as Tricia and Angelica try to read between the lines, they need to watch their step…and make sure the killer doesn’t catch them between the stacks

More Information:
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, Tantor
Series: Booktown Mystery #8

Also by this author: Murder is Binding, Bookmarked For Death
Also in this series: Murder is Binding, Bookmarked For Death

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Listened for Review (Tantor)
Overall Rating: 3.00
Story Rating: 3.25
Character Rating: 2.75

Audio Rating: 4.50 (not part of the overall rating)

Read It File It Review: Book clubbed by Lorna Barrett is one of those books that if you like Tricia (the main character) in previous books, you are going to love this story. I like Lorna Barrett’s writing. I think she tells good stories. Here is my problem. I don’t like Tricia. She is snobbish, judgmental, and down right unlikable. Since the story is told from her POV, this series seems to work for me best when the focus is on the crime. The rest of the town is delightful. This particular entry the “case” was maybe a 1/4 of the story and that meant far to much time on Tricia’s life (her relationship with her mother, her relationship with men, her judgments of the townsfolk around her). So while this one didn’t work for me, I will pick up the next because of Lorna Barrett’s writing and Karen White’s narration skills.

Audio Thoughts:

Narrated by: Karen White/Length: 8 hrs and 47 mins

Karen is great at bringing these characters alive. I really like how she makes Tricia and her sister different and yet she brings alive the “sister” banter that Lorna writes very well. I really like this series on audio! (even the ones that Cassandra Campbell narrated–both narrators have a great knack at getting these characters)



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Overall Rating
3 / 5
Story Rating
3 / 5
Character Rating
3 / 5
Narrator Rating
4.5 / 5
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8 responses to “Audiobook Review: Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett

  1. I totally get what you’re saying, Felicia. I have grown to like Tricia, but she was off putting at first. If you like cozies but want a heroine that’s more likeable, I’d recommend the Lucy Stone series by Leslie Meier. I just love her – a regular mom who lives in a small town in Maine and works at the Pennysaver as a reporter (covering things like the city council meetings, etc.) who of course ends up solving all the murder mysteries! I just finished French Pastry Murder, which in a twist, takes place in Paris (that was a fun challenge!).

  2. I’ve read a couple of books in this series (the author comes to Richmond for signings fairly often) and I’m not a huge fan of Tricia either, but I do love the town and supporting characters. In cozies, I tend to find a lot of the main characters a bit… off putting- they’re usually judgmental (what is up with that?), pushy and while we’re told how smart they are, they usually make horrible decisions. But, still, some days all I want is cozy. 😉 And some cozy authors create great main characters- like Heather Blake.

  3. Whoa, I don’t think this one would work for me. What I love about a cozy is the feel good vibe and if the main character puts you off, well I think will have to skip it.

    • It is one of those where people either like Tricia or they don’t. Lorna writes great mysteries but I find myself hoping Tricia is the victim and that isn’t good LOL