Book Blogger Craft Circle: My Weekend with Cricut

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Welcome to Books & Crafts, a craft circle composed of book bloggers, a sporadic meme where we share our other creative pursuits aside from reading and blogging. Everyone is welcome to join, just add your tag/label links below and you’re good to go!

PS: No set day on this–I am going to try post at least every other week πŸ™‚

divider So this past weekend I started on some projects for outside. I have a CriCut machine that I bought on a whim and I am having fun learning how to use it. So much that I may even open an etsy shop. That I will have to think on (as my stuff is not perfect) but it might come down the line!

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This was my biggest project to date but I LOVE it!

Total Time To Make: 4 Hours

What you need:

  • I purchased the SVG (cutting file) from Proverb’s Attic because she allows her files to be usedΒ  “you are allowed to use the files to create profit for items you have.”Β  Which means should I open an Etsy Store down the line you might see a similar sign for sale πŸ™‚
  • Board –I used a pre-treated one that I had left over from another project. I had to cut it down so I also needed a saw & drill (for the holes)
  • Paint — my board was originally white so I painted it green then took a wire brush to it to give it “character”
  • Cutting machine – Cricut, Silhouette, or anything that can cut Vinyl
  • Vinyl (651 for outside)
  • Transfer Tape/Contact Paper
  • Weeding Tool
  • Patience


OK that last one is because if you are like me there will be quite a few moments where you are “frustrated enough to swear like a sailor”.


  1. Prepare your board. If for an outside project you may want to seal it or treat it. You will also need to paint, cut, sand, or do any other number of things. I suggest doing this the day before (it is not part of my overall time because you may have a board that is ready to go).
  2. Upload your file to your design space (or whatever works with machine)
  3. Measure your board (I try to stay under 12 inches across because that is less piecing together later)
  4. Resize the file to the width desired and then submit to cut.
  5. Put your vinyl on the mat. Now here was the thing that if you look very closely you will see I went from matte to glossy on the vinyl. I ran out which means Jesus is in two different Vinyls. So measure your Vinyl too! This was a long project so it did not use a standard mat.
  6. Next is weeding. I seriously need work in this department. Especially with letters. That top picture is after I took off the big part of the cut vinyl but you still have to take out the little bits. I did find that wrapping scotch tape around two fingers helped with the little pieces of vinyl that needed to be removed but they are hard as heck.
  7. Next is putting it on transfer tape/contact papers. I did one long piece (except for the no) and while I think this worked out well in the end, there are things to note. You have to go SLOW and STEADY while pealing it off the original paper. I used the back side of weeder tool a lot to get little bits that were being stubborn. I wish I had watched this on Reverse Weeding because it probably would have been easier.
  8. Next is transfer to your board and remove the transfer tape/contact paper. This process is kind of the revers of number 6. Both steps take a lot of time and patience. Especially when dealing with small thin type of transfers.
  9. I do not seal my vinyl once finished since I use 651 Vinyl (outdoor quality)


So do any of you use a cutting machine? What are some of your projects? I have pretty much stuck to vinyl though I am going to try a few paper crafts eventually πŸ™‚


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14 responses to “Book Blogger Craft Circle: My Weekend with Cricut

  1. I absolutely love this project. We are just finally getting around to trying the vinyl on the Cricut. I haven’t been able to find any ideas that strike me enough to jump on them. I’m also confused on the SVG files. I find pics of stuff I want to do, but getting them into cut files boggles my brain. I tried to do one last night and I think I ended up with more of a wad of vinyl than anything resembling the project! πŸ™‚

    • Oh my first ones were horrible and I am still not great. I am learning there are different types of vinyl for different types of projects. I have learned the cricut vinyl is fine to learn with (it removes easily) but that it doesn’t last as long. Oracle seems to better and cheaper. I don’t know how to make SVG files. I purchased mine cause I am not sure I am quite ready to create them yet.

  2. This is great. I need one for my house. I get Jehovah’s Witnesses at my house all the time. There is a Kingdom Hall down the road. I never get Girl Scouts though. I wish I got Girl Scouts. Please send Girl Scouts. I promise I will let them leave unharmed. πŸ™‚

    • I get the constant roofing, windows, home improvement, lawn care (actually it is kind of insulting cause I don’t think my house looks that bad LOL) knocking on the door. I don’t get Girl Scouts but I do get Boy Scouts (but I think that is because they meet across the street from my house LOL)

  3. That is so cool! How much did you pay for the machine?

    And I can’t help but laugh over WE’VE FOUND JESUS! Amen sister. I don’t hate the religion, but it is kinda annoying to be sequestered and be preached to for HOURS on end telling me I’m going to hell. I’m fucking Catholic, we invented guilt and penance and other forms of torture for the human soul. Some of us even whip ourselves during Lent. So yes, I do know about Hell.

    Anyway, sorry about that, I’m watching the news about Pakistan so I’m on a religious ranty mode atm.

    Love your signs, and if you do open an Etsy store, let me know, I’d like to get a bookish sign for myself. Something witty like yours to keep the shamers out of my reading hobby.

    • I got it on sale for $149 and I have gotten my money out of it.

      OMG I live across from a church (they don’t come knock on my door) but the amount of “have you found Jesus” knockers drive me nuts. I am like “I’m pretty sure knocking on someone’s door isn’t going to bring them to Jesus” spill. To me, it just drives my dogs nuts then it takes 30 min to calm them the hell down.

      Rant AWAY!

      I will let you know and even if I don’t I will still make you a sign πŸ™‚

  4. I love this sign! Though I don’t think I’d have the patience for a machine AND I’m sure my husband would think it’s just another thing I buy that I use once and it goes in the closet (and he probably wouldn’t be wrong). I love the idea, though! We have so many solicitors come by and they’re constantly ringing the bell and waking the kids or getting the dogs barking that I desperately need something out there!

    • The printing part is pretty easy (well sometimes) but the weeding is a practice in patience. LOL πŸ™‚ It does take lots of time but oh so fun!

  5. I want to do this! I have an old cricut but no software. I was not going to buy all those cartridges. I’m cheap. LOL I finally found the old software on their site but it only works on an older OS system. I’m trying to get it in my old comp but it wouldn’t download… so now I’m trying to transfer the program I downloaded on my newer comp to the old one. *sigh* Really cricut? Still have to make the final step to see if it works. THEN I have to upgrade the firmware (yea, old cricut). One day I can make fun stuff like this on mine! So thanks so much for showing me how!

  6. This is such a great project to do!!! Currently I am working on catching up on my family vacations for scrapbooking. I just went digital, so still learning the ropes on those. My mom has a cricut machine and LOVES it. Hope you are having fun with it.