Book Blog Walkers Wrap-up/Winner/Next Challenge Date! #bookblogwalkers

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Book Blog Walkers

Book Blog Walkers be proud!  You have made it through the challenge!  You have put in the time, activity, and energy to improve your health.  I am so proud of each and every one of you.  Whether you could only participate occasionally or whether you hit the pavement every day–your steps count.

Big Shout Out to the Participants:

Here is the winner(s) for participating (I decided there would be 2 since the turn out was really good): YogiKat and Fantasy is More Fun (they have been contacted)

NOTE: I will be using the hashtag #bookblogwalkers in November and December!  I will cheer on anyone else who uses it too! 

Next Challenge Date: January 2014!  Let’s walk off those Holiday indulgences 🙂 Signups will start in December!

Book Blog Walkers Jan 2014

How I did:  I walked everyday for at least 6000 steps!  I met my goal except on 10/30 (Only 5600 steps).  Overall I want to thank you for spurring me on because there were days when I was super tired but kept thinking there are others out there with me.  I would look at twitter and facebook to be inspired!  Y’all totally rocked!

See you January!



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11 responses to “Book Blog Walkers Wrap-up/Winner/Next Challenge Date! #bookblogwalkers

  1. This was such an awesome idea. I am glad you are keeping the hash tag open and January will be another challenge month. I need a second try! This was great! Got me wearing my fit bit again.

  2. NICE! Congrats to all the walkers! (heh–The Walking Bloggers. Yeah, I amuse myself.) I got up to 4k a day, which isn’t nearly enough. I’m hoping to do 6-7k in November and then at least 10k in December and MAINTAIN from there! Good to have goals. 🙂

  3. I sucked at this challenge. LOL

    Maybe I can do better in January. I’m hoping once our community center is open again after their remote that I’ll get back into doing exercise classes and walking their indoor track.

  4. Yey, that’s so awesome! Sickness and injury kept me from reaching quite that many days, but this was totally a great motivation to get me to figure out how to fit in more walking. I’m going to keep parking at the far lot and walking to campus since it’s fun 😀