Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in Feb 21 2014

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Book Blog Walkers 2014 Large

Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in Feb 21 2014

Hey Book Blog Walkers! It is time for your weekly check-in! How are you doing this week? Did you get a day, 2 days, 3 days of walking (or other exercise)? I am so very proud of you for making the effort to get heart healthy and putting exercise in your life. We can do it! Even if it is one step at a time πŸ™‚

This week was not great for me. I have a major sinus infection but I did make myself get up and move every day. The workouts weren’t “heavy” but I need to thank you guys for motivating me to get up even when I didn’t want to. I really think it helped keep my chest clearer than it would have been otherwise.

  • Fri: 3 miles (Leslie)
  • Sat: 2 hours of Dancing (Shake that booty)
  • Sun: OFF
  • Mon: 30 Min light walking
  • Tues: 30 Min light walking
  • Wed: OFF
  • Thurs: 30 Min light walking

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14 responses to “Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in Feb 21 2014

  1. Well done, Even though you weren’t feeling well. Glad you did light workouts though, you don’t want to put strain on your heart! I also got sinus infection this week – but on the mend πŸ™‚

    This week will be better πŸ™‚

  2. Things have been crazy here this past month or so. I’m ready for things to calm down! I totally haven’t been walking OR keeping track of my walks. This week we are rededicating time to the gym so I’ll be getting in more walking.

    Congratulations on all of the working out you got in this week!! You did awesome. πŸ™‚ (P.S. Love the plaid background!!)

  3. I ended up in hospital this week with a terrible stomach bug that is doing the rounds here in town, so I have been taking it easy. Good luck guys – see you again in a week or so.

  4. You got up and got out! That is a huge victory. Hope you are feeling better.

    I am doing great – I am on vacation in Florida, so I’ve been getting out and doing some longer walks (2-4 miles) with my son. And NO BOOTS required!! Thanks to you I am keeping up with my goals – something I have never done on prior vacations. Woot!

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon. It seems this crazy weather this winter is causing all types of sickness…I’ve had a cold that just won’t go away – but go you for still moving around a bit!!!

  6. This wasn’t my greatest week either. I took such much needed time off over the long weekend, and then the rain started. Walking in slush is not fun so, no walks for me. πŸ™ Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I struggled this week. A lot. And didn’t manage to do near as well as you did. It’s so hard to push through when you aren’t feeling well, but you did a really great job. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  8. I love that you got some shakin’ your booty in this week. πŸ™‚ great job! I failed quite miserably this week on the exercising front. I gotta do better next week. Hopefully weather improves soon, it’s warmer here but rainy weather is making my joints stiff and achy. I sound like an elderly woman, don’t I? Thanks for hosting this challenge!