Book 93: Guns will keep us Together by Leslie Langtry (Rating 3 Wine Glasses)

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From Goodreads: Dakota Bombay prided himself on his blond Bond image—bad-guy killer by day, lady-killer by night. Then his life gets both shaken and stirred by an irate grandmother demanding a marketing plan for the family assassination business, a precocious six-year-old son Dak never knew he had, and a mysterious redhead who’s erased his decades-old preference for blondes.Suddenly the perennial playboy is knee deep in pie charts and thinking he may have found the perfect mom for his boy. She’s smart, funny, and directs a funeral home no less—what could be better? Now if he can just take out a team of rival assassins without getting killed himself, they can all live trigger-happily ever after

Publisher: Making It
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What I Loved: This was such a fun premise for a book. It was funny, witty, and just amazingly heartwarming. The family, even though they are assassins, are quite close and such a huge part of Dakota’s life. There are movie quotes, book quotes, and general pop culture references that play well through out the book too.

What I Liked: I really liked all the characters, how they were presented, and the different roles they played in the book. The humor was outstanding and kept me rolling the whole book!

Complaints: The plot was a little predictable but it didn’t really hinder the story in a big way.

Why I gave it a 3: I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a quick read and the only thing I wish is that I had read the first book before reading this one.

Who I would recommend it too: Contemporary Romance readers that like humor. The story is mostly told from the guy’s POV which is unique and I really liked it!

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