Book 82: Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker (Rating 3 Wine Glasses)

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From Goodreads: They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But who would want a cake they couldn’t eat?

Just ask Emma Rae Travis about that. She’s a baker of confections who is diabetic and can’t enjoy them. When Emma meets Jackson Drake, the escapee from Corporate America who is starting a wedding destination hotel to fulfill a dream that belonged to someone else, this twosome and their crazy family ties bring new meaning to the term “family circus.” The Atlanta social scene will never be the same!

Publisher: Abingdon Press
Purchased: Received from publisher through NetGalley

What I Loved:  Emma was a very fun, sweet leading lady who handled her life with a brilliant attitude. Her friend Fee was a quirky best friend that always had her back.  Jackson was a great leading man and his journey back to love was fun to watch.  Jackson’s sisters were fun, different, and fantastic personalities. Emma’s parents were the best part of all!

What I Liked:  This was a great tale of loss, chances, and just having a little faith that life is going to work out the way it is supposed too.  The message was pretty clear that if you are open to possibilities life can bring that your happiness may come from a place you don’t see coming.

Complaints: No complaints.

Why I gave it a 3: This was a pretty good little contemporary chick-lit Christian novel.  I am usually not a reader of contemporary books but this one did make me giggle.  It is a lite read with some great recipes included that I am just going to have to try!

Who I would recommend this too: A fan of Inspirational Chick-Lit Romance.  This is not my normal cup of tea but I really did find the book wonderfully entertaining.  It has all the elements of a good chick-lit: quirky leading lady, handsome guy, crazy friends/family, and lots of mishaps.  The overall inspirational part of the book was more in letting God guide you than preaching.  I would say uplifting is a good word but it is in there so it should be noted.

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