Book 81: For the Love of Mollie by KT Grant (Rating: 3 Wine Glasses)

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From Publisher: Mollie McGree is on a mission to seduce her best friend, the sexy masseuse Juan-Carlos. But she wants to lose a few extra pounds first. She joins a gym run by self-made millionaire and personal trailer, Conner Bean. Conner thinks Mollie doesn’t need to lose any weight, and is perfect the way she is. He plans to seduce the curvy Mollie by giving her his own special training sessions in passion and desire.

Soon Mollie is enjoying a no-holds-barred love affair with the vibrant and skilled Conner. But self-esteem issues on her part, as well as her unresolved feelings for Juan-Carlos, cause her to second guess Conner’s motives. Conner will stop at nothing until he claims Mollie’s heart for his own.

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Purchased: Review Copy from Author

What I Loved:  Connor was a fantastic guy.  I love that he wasn’t an anti-hero but a strong, straight-forward, gotta get the girl I like kind of guy!  He really struck me as the kind of guy you could build your romance dreams around because he could exist in the real world! In other words, he is the kind of contemporary romance leading guy that I can root for.

What I Liked:  Molly was a real woman.  She kind of reminds me of the lead character out of Wishes by Jude Deveraux.  She has curves, people who love her, but doesn’t see her own beauty.  I also enjoyed the friendships and realizations that she has.

Complaints: Molly’s insecurities were a little draining.  I wish she would have loved something about herself.  I was also a little disappointed at the end when she didn’t just learn to love herself as she was though I was also really proud of her for getting her goal.

Who I would recommend it too:  I would say this is a good quick read for someone who likes a hot contemporary romance with real types of people involved.  I think it would be fun for a chick-lit reader who can handle a little steam.

Why I gave it a 3:  I enjoyed this quick read, especially Connor.  The sex was a little rushed for me personally. I generally have this problem with short reads, they tend to feel rushed and choppy to me.  They have to be to pack a punch.  If you are a fan of the quick, short read then I think you will enjoy this immensely.

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