Book 77: Because Your Vampire Said So by Michele Bardsley: Rating 3 Wine Glasses

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From Goodreads: When you’re immortal, being a mom won’t kill you— it will only make you stronger

Even though all the non-vamps in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, skipped town, Patsy Donahue has kept her hair salon up and running thanks to the werewolves prowling around. They know how important good grooming is, especially a certain rogue shapeshifter who’s as sexy as he is deadly. Now, if only she could put a leash on her wild teenage son, who’s up to his neck in danger. The stress would kill Patsy, if she wasn’t already undead. But her maternal instinct is still alive and kicking. And no one had better mess with her own flesh and blood…

What I Loved:  I am really digging this world setup in Broken Heart.  While these books are definitely fun and campy, they do manage to bring light to some very important topics: 1rs book-infidelity, 2nd book-teenage pregnancy, and this one Drug/Alcohol addiction.  Michele has done a wonderful job of mixing the humor, vamp/werewolf/hybrid goodness, and some awareness in her books. Plus, she mentions the show Supernatural in this book (great taste there LOL)

What I Liked: I really enjoyed all the secondary characters in this book!  They were well rounded and a joy to read.  I also adored seeing the characters that we have come to love and the continuation of the storyline of Broken Heart, OK.

Complaints?  I really wish that either Patsy or Gabriel would have been introduced a little more in the first two books.  I enjoyed their love story but it wasn’t as catching as the first two romances in the series.

Why I gave it a 3:  I really enjoyed this book but it was my least favorite of the first 3.  In the beginning, I just couldn’t warm up to Patsy/Gabriel, I though she had a bigger connection to D.  That being said by the end I loved them together.

Who I would recommend this too:  Fans of the first 2, PNR readers that can handle a little lightness, and Chick-Lit readers that can handle a little PNR.

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