Book 61: Sex Magick by Laura Stamps

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About: Noelle Wylie is a Rune Witch, and at thirty-five she’s got it all. This year she bought her dream home. Then she let Wynn, her darkly handsome, shapeshifter boyfriend move in. One evening Wynn gives Noelle a book on “sex magick.” Intrigued, she decides to give it a try. However, just as she experiences some of the best sex of her life she discovers Wynn has a hidden agenda. Uh-oh!

“The Rune Witch Series” is an erotica novella trilogy, featuring Noelle (a feisty alpha Rune Witch) and her HAWT boyfriend Wynn (a sexy shapeshifter). Wynn and Noelle appeared in two of “The Witchery Series” novels (“What Witches Want” and “Call of the Witches”) as secondary characters. Now this lusty couple has a series of their own, which takes place during the hot summer months of August and September in sultry South Carolina. Follow these two as they go from one sexcapade to the next, while Wynn tries everything he can think of to convince commitment-phobic Noelle to marry him. Good thing he never plays fair (naughty grin). Keep a cold drink handy for this series. You’re gonna need it! For more information about this series and other paranormal erotica novels by Laura Stamps go to

 Actual 3.5
What I Loved:  Wynn is a great guy!  I love his devotion to Noelle, his sexiness, and his all around charm.  He is funny and enduring.  The is a “naughty” novella and in that aspect this book was HOT!  It is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Laura writes really good “naughty” scenes and she does not disappoint in this book.
What I Liked:  The playfulness between Noelle and Wynn.  They were very fun to read.
What I thought was So-So: This has more to do with me as a reader than Laura as a writer.  I didn’t really like Noelle’s commitment issues.  I understood them and could sympathize with them.  I just wanted to scream at her: WYNN!
Why I gave it a 3.5: This book at its core is a fantasy novel and it delivers in that capacity very well.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as the MV book but it is still a good read.  I did like the magic being interwoven into the moments between Noelle and Wynn, it was unique and fun to read!  I would recommend this to any “naughty” book reader.


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