Book 51: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (Jane in June Event Post)

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This is going to be a totally different type of review from me.  In fact, it really isn’t a review at all.  It is more of an “ode to Jane Austen”.  I truly do think she ruined my dating life but I totally forgive her for it 🙂
First question you are going to have is why do I have a picture of Jane (played by Susannah Harker) from Pride and Prejudice on a post about Sense and Sensibility?
Answer:  I listened to the audiobook version of Sense and Sensibility read by her and it was possibly the best audiobook I have ever heard!  Yes better than Jim Dale reading Harry Potter (which I also really enjoyed)!  If I am going to review anything in this post that is it.  If you get a chance to pick up this audiobook version, you should.  She is very good at making each character unique and keeping you engaged the whole book.  It is unabridged so 14 hours long but well worth it.
Disclaimer: Yes, I have read Sense and Sensibility a few different times before listening to it on audio.  It is my 2nd favorite Jane Austen novel behind Pride and Prejudice. So the story is very comforting and familiar.  I have the characters I love, the ones who annoy me, and the ones I would like to throw to the wolves.  However, as with all great books, it always leaves me with the the hope that in the end the nice guy does in fact finish with the girl of his dreams.  Austen is one of the best at taking flawed characters that come from a place of good and making them find each other.
This book particularly appeals to me because out of all of Jane Austen’s characters I am probably the most like Elinor.  I am a little more open about my opinions but otherwise she is the closest to me personality wise.  I would also like to think that out there is an E. Farris for me, as he is exactly the type of guy that I go for.  Smart, Off-Beat humor, Loyal, Kind, and good to his word. So reading their rather understated romance always warms my heart.  Plus, I love Brandon and his steadfast beautifully portrayed personality. He is the Bingley of this novel but Marianne takes awhile to realize that.
So my rating: 5+
My Recommendation: Get thee to the bookstore and read it!
If you are not going to read it there are 2 really amazing adaptations of it on DVD
So what are you waiting for?
Oh did you sign up to win my Jane in June give-away?

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