Book 40: The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle by L.J. Smith

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About: In this second volume in the popular series, Damon is determined to make pretty Elena Gilbert his queen of darkness. He would even kill his own brother to possess her. But Stefan, desperate for the power to destroy Damon, succumbs to his unquenchable thirst for human blood. Originally published by HarperPaperbacks in 1991.

What I Loved:  Not much really and I think this totally has to do with me being a fan of the show.  So this is one case where the show ruined the books for me.

What I Liked:  In comparison to the first novel, I like that they have given you more of Damon and Stefan backstory.  Matt is actually a very likable character in the books, so he is a bit of a joy to read.

What I don’t like:  I think L.J. Smith must have gone to a very small school with only shallow type of girls in it because most of the women in this book are annoying.  I find myself not caring if anything bad happens to any of them….except Meredith (she appears to be a truly caring character).

Why it got a 2:  Plain and simple–I enjoy the show 20 times more than I am enjoying the books.  Will I finish the books–eventually since I do own them.  These are not badly written and they are somewhat quick reads.  I would say check them out if you are curious or better yet if you haven’t seen the series.  Otherwise, don’t bother bumping them up on your TBR list, just read them when you get to them.

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