Book 38: Believe It, Be it by Ali Vincent

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About: When Ali Vincent was selected to be a contestant on the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser, her weight was at an alltime high of 234 pounds—and her life had reached an all-time low. Like millions of Americans, Ali struggled for years with poor eating habits, family problems, stress, and low-self-esteem. After years of being afraid, ashamed, and unhappy, she resolved to change her life, once and for all: to lose weight, get healthy, and pursue her dreams. Before she was even offered a spot on The Biggest Loser campus, Ali made up her mind that she was going to not only drop the weight— but win the competition.

In her bedroom at The Biggest Loser ranch, Ali rang a little bell she kept on her bedside table each night before she went to sleep and again when she awoke in the morning, repeating the phrase that had become her mantra: Believe it, be it. Seven months later, she emerged from the grueling competition as its first-ever female champion, claiming the title, the grand prize and, most of all—winning back her life.

In Believe It, Be It, Ali shares for the first time her intimate story of personal and physical transformation and provides a rare glimpse inside life at the famous

Biggest Loser ranch. Ali also shares the weight-loss strategies, eating habits, and workout tips that helped her lose—and keep off—more than 100 pounds. For anyone who has ever battled with weight loss or struggled to accept themselves for who they are, Ali Vincent’s story provides hope that a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life is within reach. It all begins with believing that it’s possible. Believe it, and be it.

Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life
What I loved:  EVERYTHING! WOW! When I opened this book about 2 hours ago, I was just going to read the first couple of chapters to see if it was something I wanted to read. I have never seen an episode of Biggest Loser (though I know the concept) and have been winning my battle with weight slowly over the last 7 years (gone from 286 to currently 189). What I was not prepared for was how much I was going to connect to Ali’s story. It was not only the story of how she did it but why she did it. She was open with all the things she had to battle with (emotionally, physically, mentally) and addressed the things all obese people deal with (our security blanket, our roles in people’s lives, etc). I was moved to tears a few times and I cheered with her at each one of her milestones. This is a fantastic read for anyone who has ever “been there and still doing that” because the weight battle is never over but it can be conquered!

There is no other part of this review as there was no part of this book I did not enjoy!

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