Audiobook Review: Bones on Ice by Kathy Reichs

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Audiobook Review: Bones on Ice by Kathy ReichsBones on Ice: A Novella by Kathy Reichs
Length: 3 hrs and 28 mins

Date Read: August 2015


Featuring a preview of the highly anticipated new thriller Speaking in Bones, this eBook original novella showcases #1 New York Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs at the peak of her powers.

In Bones on Ice, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan gets wrapped up in the ultimate cold case: a death on Mount Everest.  It is called the “death zone”: the point on Everest, nearly five miles high, above which a climber cannot be rescued. More than 250 souls have lost their lives there. Most of the bodies remain, abandoned, frozen in place. When an earthquake leads to a miraculous recovery, Dr. Temperance Brennan is hired to identify the frozen mummified human corpse. The victim is the daughter of a wealthy Charlotte couple who never got the chance to say goodbye. But far from offering solace and closure, Tempe’s findings only provoke more questions. What happened on Mount Everest? Was the young woman’s death an accident? Why aren’t the other climbers talking? And how far will those hiding the truth go to make sure the past stays buried? 

More Information:
Publisher: Random House Audio
Series: Temperance Brennan #17.5

Also by this author: Bones in Her Pocket, Bones Never Lie
Also in this series: Bones in Her Pocket, Bones Never Lie


Listened for Review (Penguin/Random Audio)
Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 4.00
Character Rating: 4.00

Audio Rating: 4.00

Overall Thoughts: I really like this series best when it is focusing on the science and police work. The novellas seem to be very focused in this area so I tend to really enjoy them. I will say that if you aren’t familiar with book version of Tempe and gang (they are very different than TV version) then you might want more from the character side of the story. However, I really liked the case and how it took both police, forensics, and a bit of luck to bring it to a close. The only part that was a little rushed was the twist at the end. I would have liked a bit more there but overall I really liked it!

Audio Thoughts:

Narrated By Katherine Borowitz / Length: 3 hrs and 28 mins

I think I have listened to most of these on audio and even though this series tends to switch up narrators every 3 or 4 books –Katherine has done about 5 in the series and I like her version of Tempe. I think she brings the right amount of clinical vs personality to the character. She is my 2nd favorite narrator in the series and does it well.

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Overall Rating
4 / 5
Story Rating
4 / 5
Character Rating
4 / 5
Narrator Rating
4 / 5
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7 responses to “Audiobook Review: Bones on Ice by Kathy Reichs

  1. I love all of Reichs’ books. I still need to listen to this one. I like the novellas too. And I agree Tempe in the book and Tempe in the TV show are completely different. Actually the entire show is different. I enjoy both though. 😉