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Yesterday was Boas and Tiaras!  I am going to start by saying a huge Thank You to DFWTea and Fresh Fiction for putting on this amazing event.  It was a ton of fun filled with tiaras, boas, authors, and the most amazing readers ever.  I love meeting authors but it is getting to chat with other readers that really makes these events worth going too.  We just get each others love of the alpha hero, the kick butt heroin, and how we can get lost in a book to the point where we really care what happens to the characters in these stories.  Plus, I always come out of the events adding to my TBR list which honestly probably doesn’t need to get longer but I gave up long ago trying to reign it in!  This wrap-up I am going to do a little different because I want to show what impact these events have on readers.

Let’s talk SWAG of which there was a pluthera!  I sat at Dianna Love’s table because I adore her.  You could sit at any author’s table that you choose so you got to have some fun time with your favorite authors.  Plus, you get to talk to other fans of theirs and lets just say it is a ton of fun.   Each seat had a bag created by the hosts, a bag from the author, and a HC of Nalini’s new book!
From Diana I received the Bellador Shirt which is super exciting because I won the other shirt last time they were in town so I have a full set!  Also in the bag:  a signed copy of Blood Trinity and some yummy chocolate 🙂  I was in heaven!
From Nalini: Everyone had a copy of Kiss of Snow!  AWESOME
From the Sponsors: Bookmarks from Colleen Gleason, Kay Thomas, Lucy Monroe, Michelle Bardsley, Lee Strobel, Julia Quinn, Lori Foster, Julie James, Debbie Mazzuca, Kari Lee Townsend, Margaret Mallory, and Rachel Caine (which was very neat includes a code to get secret content); Bookplates from Julianne MacLean, Deborah Cooke, and Michelle Bardsley (which were super cute and postcard size); Magnets from Julia Quinn, Honorary Member cards from Michelle Bardsley; Poker Chip (which I think is brilliant) from Vicki Pettersson; Romance Trading Cards from Shayla Black, Karin Tabke, Sylvia Day, Cathryn Fox, Shiloh Walker, Beth Williamson, Nikki Duncan, and Mackenzie McKade; Books from Sandra Hill and Sophie Jordan.
Book Signing:  We were able to visit each author’s table and get them to sign books!  As you can see, I went a different route to get them to sign my Kindle Cover.  It was so much fun!
The Authors (I did not get pictures of everyone that turned out):
(links to their websites and a list of what I bought)
(I already have all her books and love them)
(I already have all her books and Broken Heart is fun)
(Pre-Ordered Burning Down the Spouse)
Kay Thomas
(My sister sat at her table and I believe is buying every book she has LOL)
(I already had her historical series–love my historicals)
(She has a new fan girl!  Will be buying her backlist on the Cowboys and Werewolves!  However, I had to buy this book immediately: Nerd in Shining Armor)
(I have most of her books–she was fun)
(I just finished her latest: Just Like Heaven)
Rachel Caine
(Counting down to her new Mortuary Series–she will start a new trend you just watch)
(She has a new fan girl!  I bought the Psy-Changling series and have finished book 1)
(I have her books and we all know I *heart* the Curuther Sisters)
 (the best table at the event)
(whom I love, sat at her table, and my sister did grab a picture of us!  I pre-ordered Alterant)
Now to the authors whose pictures did not turn out 🙁
Rosemary Clement-Moore
(Whom I never get a good picture of and she is just to cute for words.  Yesterday, I loved her outfit!  I have all of Rosemary’s books but Texas Gothic is coming)
The Steaming Videos from the Event:

Watch live streaming video from romance at
(that is my voice you here handing out questions from off camera)
Behind the scenes photo

Watch live streaming video from romance at


(at 36:12 yes that is me, feel free to skip that part)

This was a fantastic event once again this year!  Can’t wait till next Year!

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16 responses to “Boas and Tiaras Wrap-up, Swag, and Books Bought! @DFWTea @FreshFiction

  1. Tara SG (25 Hour Boo

    What an amazing idea to have them sign your Kindle case!!! I'm always so jealous of the fun events you get to go to 😉

  2. Marq

    It looks like you had a great time. Great idea getting your Kindle cover signed. I may "borrow" your idea for AAD Philly. 😉

  3. jackie b central tex

    Felicia not only was it great to finally meet the authors whose work has given me many hours of reading enjoyment but it was great to meet some of the people who were just online names until Saturday, and yes to be able to talk books with those who feel the same way about them that I do made it the best afternoon ever!Glad we got to say hello, sorry never texted you my table info but my phone was off and in the bottom of my purse…. However you were sitting with Diana Love and I was sitting only a few over with Vicki Pettersson and behind Rachel Caine, fan girl moments galore let me tell you!November is now too far away, Readers and Ritas is going to be even better!

  4. Dianna Love

    Felicia – LOVE this coverage of the Boas and Tiaras – you rock!!! Yes, we had the best table because I had fabulous table mates. Thank goodness we all love champagne – lol. I was wiped out by the time I got home Sunday night to Atlanta, but in a really good way. Thank you for this terrific wrap up and for a great job with the filming. I'm sending everyone here to see how much fun we had. A huge thank you to Fresh Fiction for an amazing event and to all the awesome volunteers!

  5. Christi Snow

    oooh, Sara! Thanks for the info. If I start working on dh now, maybe I can swing the Nov function as my early Christmas… smiles!

  6. Sara Reyes

    yes, Christi, we do the Boas & Tiaras every June, on the second Saturday. And it's not that far of a drive. Plus you know about our weekend of fun and mayhem? Readers & 'ritas? That's the second weekend of November. This year the lineup includes Gena Showalter, CL Wilson and 23 more authors! Plus GREAT readers and swag LOL

  7. toothybooks

    how fun!!! not to mention i love your idea of getting your kindle cover signed! it looks amazing now!

  8. Melissa (Books and T

    That looks like so much fun. Why can't that be here? *whines* Oh well.. Love the kindle cover idea!!

  9. Aisle B

    WOW I seriously will have to move south towards the Texas star to get to live such amazing moments like these. Thanks for sharing this with us and … sighs.. wow

  10. Amanda

    VLT's Nerd series is hilarious! I hope you like it. She also has the same sense of humor in her three paranormal series. Enjoy!

  11. Christi Snow

    Oh wow! Do they do this event every year? DFW is only 4 hours away….hmm… Thank you so much for posting all of the fun! smiles…