Blogger Confession: Why the weird posting schedule?

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NOTE: What I am about to address is my weird posting schedule that has been going on since Jan of last year. Almost every time I disappear for a couple of days I get an email asking if I am quitting (which is super awesome BTW–it is sweet that I would be missed). I realized that I had not really addressed this in a post and thought it was time. I also want to note that things I list below are my expectations of MYSELF, I do not expect this of the larger blog community. Also this is not a post on how to be a good blogger. In fact, random schedules are BAD if you are trying to grow your blog and increase your presence in the virtual world. Consistency, Content, and Personality are what you need there.

Hi y’all! So my blogging schedule has really changed in the last year and a half. Last year I even took a few weeks off here and there. I will probably do the same this year but I am not quitting. In fact, in a weird way I am going back to the reason that I started book blogging in the first place.

HISTORY: I started this blog in December of 2008 but before that I had a personal blog that I started in 2005.Β  I am what you call a first adapter. I work in the tech world (as a job) so I like to stay ahead of the curve on new technologies.Β  Let me rephrase that, new technologies that I want to use. I am not much of a video girl so YouTube, Periscope, etc not really technologies I stay up on. I try new social platforms but will quickly dismiss them if they are more work than fun. I like knowing though so that is how I got into blogging. Back then it was because blogging was starting to be introduced into the platform that I support (Sharepoint) and I wanted to understand the benefit of the service. I think it has been the technology that I have stuck with the longest. Well I have been on twitter since 2008 but that is just because it is like text messaging without the “have to” of responding.

To say that blogging has changed my life would be a HUGE understatement. I have made so many friends, learned so many things, and traveled to tons of different places all because of blogging. At some point though around 2013/2014, I started noticing that blogging became less fun and more of a job. Which would have been fine if that was what I was aiming for. I have gone to tons of blogging conferences on how to grow your blog, networking, branding, and such. You would think that was my end goal but honestly I just like to learn things. Plus, I thought if I ever went back to into personal blogging (which I kind of have but not consistently yet), that I might want to take that brand into that realm. I am still undecided on that but I like having the tools in my knowledge shed should I choose to go that way. Plus, blogging conferences are great because you get to see what is going on outside our book blogging world and learn tons of really neat things. In other words, I like to learn even if it is something that I won’t apply here on Geeky Bloggers Book Blog.

So about a little over a year ago I decided to steer my blog back into the fun territory. I dropped doing blog hops, book tours, and cut way back on review books. I stopped things that had hard commitment dates and started reading more of the stuff on my TBR. I started going to the library A TON and picking up books that sounded interesting. I started paying attention to my mood and just read where it lead me. I also started connecting more on a personal level to bloggers again. All of this makes blogging fun for me. I desperately needed that because if I would have stayed on that 2013/2014 course- I would not be around today.

However, one of my personal rules is (other than weekends) if I don’t have time in my day to visit at least 20 blogs then I don’t post. Why you may ask? One of my main goals is reconnecting with blogger friends/forging stronger bonds. When I don’t have time to visit other blogs, I feel like a bad blogging neighbor. So to cut down on the bad blogging neighbor feelings I just don’t post. This also ties into my balance my life with more things outside of books and giving myself a break when my job requires time from me. By taking off a few days here and there (or even a week), I feel better and my love of blogging holds strong.

Someone asked me once “How do you have time to do it all”? Truth is that I don’t have time to do everything that I would like. I work 60+ hours a week, rescue/foster dogs, have great family/friends, run bookclubs, work on my health, and love crafting. I would love to fit dating into that realm and have time to finish all my DIY around the house too. However, I have given myself permission to do as much as I can and fit the rest in when I can. I have learned (the hard way) that everything can’t be done RIGHT THIS MINUTE (or this week, month, year). So giving myself permission on this blog to feel the same has helped a ton.

So that is the weird schedule and why! The visiting is a personal thing as it was what made me love this community in the first place. It is not an outside influence or something I expect other people to do.

Bottom Line: Write down what makes you love blogging and keep it handy for when you run into a moment of “this is too much”. When you hit that point either adjust or change what makes you happy. Happy bloggers are the best. Changing as you change is also essential for long term blogging. Maybe one day I will read a similar post from you and be like yeah they are making themselves happy. It will make me happy cause that means you are still around!

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15 responses to “Blogger Confession: Why the weird posting schedule?

  1. Love this post! I realized a while back that what I love is actually writing reviews, but not stressing about making them fancy and perfect haha. Commenting is fun, but it stresses me out sometimes since I’m rather introverted, so commenting is for when I’m feeling motivated and when things get to be too much, I let myself go back to just reading and writing reviews and jump back into commenting when life settles down. That’s let me stick with blogging for six years and counting πŸ˜€

  2. Excellent post~thanks for sharing about your posting schedule. I have found myself cutting back a ton on review copies that I accept. I still love promoting authors, so, even if I can’t review I will share a promo/guest post/excerpt/etc. Taking that review pressure off myself has been a lot of help. I’m aiming for reading/reviewing more of what I want to vs. accepting too many review copies because I feel ‘guilty’ if I don’t.

  3. I love your reasons for blogging less. I haven’t been blogging at all… this pregnancy has been taking its toll on me. But I want to get back to it. I like your idea of not posting unless you’ve visit a certain number of blogs. Thus might be helpful to me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Excellent post! And I’m right there with you-I had a little wake up call earlier this week, when I realized I wasn’t managing time as well as I thought I had been, so I’m making some adjustments to how I blog. For the rest of the school year I’m going to be posting just once a week, and I’m only allowing myself to do blogging stuff before the school day starts (one of my kids does a home program). I love blogging but yeah, it’s only one part of my life and other things have to come first πŸ™‚

  5. Bravo!

    I’m a creature of habit so I got around to maintaining a routine. It kills me sometimes and there are odd days that I skip a day, but I don’t stress over it much like I used to. And I totally agree with you on the visiting other blogs, that’s a MUST for me. In fact, I prioritize visiting other blogs over replying to comments on mine if I’m pressed for time. Like right now, I’m a week behind and hopefully I’ll get around to replying over the weekend. If not, heck at least I stopped by and knocked on your doors πŸ˜‰

  6. Great post! I’m glad you shared this, and I’m glad you’re blogging how you want to. I’m the same way about posting vs. visiting blog neighbors. Sometimes it means that I take a week off if I’m busy, but so be it! It’s all about finding the right balance. I hope we’re blog neighbors for a very long time… πŸ™‚

  7. I always assume that you are just busy and not quitting. If you haven’t posted anything for more than a month, I might question it especially if I didn’t see you on other social media platforms. Things change and doesn’t mean you give it up altogether, just change in priorities. I try to visit when I have something up on my blog. I also have tried to cut my time blogging to 3 days a week, but it isn’t set in stone. That way it gives me more time to craft which is really helping me atm. I want to make more time to do more things like yoga, and I hopefully will do that soon.

    So interesting to see how things started for you and I cannot wait for my bb8 πŸ˜‰ You rock and I do hope we get to meet again.

  8. I can relate and certainly identify. I feel like a bad blogger neighbor when I don’t get to comment all the time, which is one of my goals for this year. But, sometimes I come home from work so exhausted that I just don’t feel like commenting. I also don’t always HAVE a comment or something to say about a post and feel that any comment I make might be blah. I try to post consistently but sometimes fail in that respect, too. I’m human; it happens. But, I’ve learned not to beat myself up for it. It’s my time, my money, my outlet, my hobby. My job pays my bills, but my blog will sometimes get the most of my attention in some form or another because it is an outlet just as my books are an outlet. I love the relationships that are built, but I also love spending energy on blogging to relieve tension, and it took me a while to get to that point. Even if I only had one follower, I think I would still blog because I just enjoy it so much. I’ve had times in the past when it DID seem like my job, those times when I participated in blog tours, those times when I have an ARC to review, etc. I no longer participate in tours, and I don’t feel obligated to post a review for an ARC within a certain deadline. It’s taken me almost four years to feel comfortable in my blogging skin, and I like that skin.

  9. I love this!! And it’s so weird because I was feeling the same way about the same time that you were feeling like blogging was a job. I grew tired of the blog tours and cover reveals and the neverending pile of review books (with deadlines that I could never reach). When I started blogging it was a lot of fun and I found that I could have that connection with the community more. There were fewer bloggers back then (seriously, I feel like a dinosaur some days) so it was a nice time to make those connections (if only I had been more diligent about it!). Just this year I’ve started to focus more on blogging when I want to and writing what I want to write about. I still love bookish posts and I write reviews mostly for myself, but it’s nice that I’ve given myself permission to post about other things, like crafting, motherhood, and whatever strikes my fancy. Just lately I’m getting back into the habit of visiting other blogs, but I’m still working on building up my reader – since the switch from Google Reader I’ve been lost! I also like to work on balance. Right now the kids (well, one of them) are napping and I’m reading blogs and watching Netflix. It’s nice to not feel like I *must* be reading during any and all downtime, but realize that I can still finish at least 5 books or more with the amount of reading I can squeeze in. Anyway … great post! I’m so far behind on a lot of the new things and a lot of the blogs these days are so fancy and have amazing content. I love reading them but could never, ever keep up with that world.

  10. I know I have written several TMST posts over the last couple of years along the same lines of how I have had to take a step back and start blogging for me. No more tours, guest posts and all that unless it is something I REALLY want to read. I am done worrying about trying to grow the blog, it will grow or it won’t . I am all about blogging for making connections and having fun, and so far this year, I have been reading so many books I have long wanted to read and I am enjoying it so much more. Don’t stress if you can’t comment every single day, I do my best and most of the time I get it done, but some days I don’t and I know you all understand. I love your new spring background.

  11. I sometimes look at your IG pics and FB posts (I suck at Twitter) and cannot figure out how you do it all. A piece of your post really struck me though, and that is taking the time to be sociable in this community and visiting other blogs. I don’t know how you could do 20 blogs. I don’t think I follow 20 blogs. I used to, but a lot of them have disappeared. I’ve even put in my new planner (a new obsession, thanks btw) to go through and clean out my Bloglovin at least once a week. I still find that really hard. There are just so many things to do. That cricut thing has taken over my life. This was a great reminder post.

  12. I think if you keep blogging for more than a few years, you adopt a much more laid back approach. No one can keep up the schedule of everything you are “supposed to do” for long without burning out.

  13. Great post Felicia. I completely agree that we should what makes us happy. This is a hobby, not a career. We aren’t getting paid, so therefore, we shouldn’t over stress ourselves over it. I have no idea how you do everything you do. I’m tired just reading it. Here’s to many more happy blogging years to come, however they come. πŸ™‚