Blogger Confession: Where I listen to Audiobooks

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Blogger Confession: Where I listen to Audiobooks!

I am always asked how I can listen to 2 to 3 audiobooks a week. On top of the fact that I just love them, I do have several different activities that lend themselves to listening to audiobooks.

When I am at work!

Here is where I think I am probably beyond lucky–I can listen to audiobooks while I am working. I am a server admin (meaning the person behind the machine that is behind the application that the people in front of me support) which means I don’t actually talk to people. My headphones make sure that people are not confused by that and think I am the person they talk too.


When I am crafting!

I am a big crafter (crochet, needlepoint, quilting, and occasionally scrapbooking). Listening to audiobooks is PERFECT for those times because I can concentrate on my project without having to look up (like if I was watching TV).



When I am fixing up the house!

In the last year I have done a TON of home improvement and quite frankly have a long way to go. I listen to audiobooks while painting, cleaning, patching, flooring, ripping wallpaper, and putting together shelves. The only time I don’t is when what I am doing is too loud then I listen to music!

home improvement


When I am browsing at a story or the library!

I am that person that will put her headphones in while shopping or looking at the library. I like to take my time while at the library and can spend easily an hour just walking up/down the aisles. Over the last year I started doing that with headphones in. Makes browsing even more fun!



When I am walking!

When I happen to go on a walk (instead of doing one of my work out videos) or hit the treadmill I tend to listen to audiobooks (unless I am trying for a super fast time then it is pacing music). It really helps to distract me from the fact that I am working out!


When I am Cooking

I love to cook plus it works well with my eating plan. Listening to audiobooks helps the prep work go by faster!!Cooking

When I am Gaming!

I am a gamer. I play (ed) WOW, City Building Games, Diablo 3, and several other PC Games. Listening to audiobooks while playing helps when farming. I do turn off the audiobooks during story parts πŸ™‚



Where do you listen? In the car? When Shopping? When ignoring family? πŸ™‚


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59 responses to “Blogger Confession: Where I listen to Audiobooks

  1. Mostly in the car. I live in Los Angeles and if I had just music Or the radio, I’d be part of a news story that ended “once she snapped, no one could escape the carnage.” I also when cleaning. I HATE cleaning, so I like being able to focus on the book and ignore what I’m doing and how long it’s taking. lol. I also am a knitter, so sometimes if I’m knitting, too. Basically when I’m doing anything mindless or repetitive where I don’t actually have to think, our comes the audiobook.

    We won’t discuss how large my Audible library is now that they discount audiobooks if you have the Kindle version.

  2. Anytime, anywhere! But… especially when I’m doing household chores and driving. According to Tomtom Istanbul has the worst traffic in the world and audiobooks make it bearable for me.

  3. Felicia have you always liked audiobooks? I’m trying to get the hang of audiobooks so I can potentially “read” more books, especially when I’m walking, but when I’ve tried to do it whilst I’m driving my mind seems to wander, did you have to have a time to get used to it?

    How does your mind not wander when your doing something specific? Do you miss anything at all whilst listening to the audio book?

    • Hi πŸ™‚

      That is hard to answer. I have listened to audiobooks for a long time but just started loving them a few years ago. I wrote a post (because of your question–thank you) about how to start listening. It isn’t something that is automatic but you do eventually get used to it. πŸ™‚

      I usually pick up more of the story while listening than I do while reading. I am always stunned at what I miss while reading but pick up on audio. It took a long time before I got to where I could multi-task while listening πŸ™‚

  4. Ditto! Except for the work thing, I have to read for my work right now and then I’ll be teaching so… Yeah, no audiobooks there. But I listen the rest of the times you mentioned. Plus, I have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for my shower πŸ™‚ I listen whenever I can!

  5. You have this down to a science. I mainly listen in the car when traveling long distance because somehow, I’m able to concentrate on the road and the book. When I’m home doing things around the house, listening used to work for me, but now I’ve found that I lose my concentration for some reason. Maybe because I’m going from task to task? I once could even listen while blogging and Facebooking, but I guess I’m just no longer able to multitask like I once did. I wish I could still could.

    • That is me with TV. I used to could watch and do other things but for some reason I just can’t anymore. Oh I sometimes leave it on as background noise but I couldn’t tell you what is happening. When I was young I could do almost anything and have the TV on. I think that is why I don’t watch TV much anymore.

  6. Love love love audiobooks, after reading your post I seriously want to carve out some more time for them lol. I got noise cancelling ear phones for a birthday pressie, they cost a bomb but they are amazing! That’s so cool you get to listen at work, lucky ducky!! I totally agree audio books make cooking, reno work, grocery shopping, housework and exercise, especially exercise way more fun lol. I wish I could listen while I edit photos but I’m still learning in some areas and really need to really concentrate , hopefully that will change. Great post πŸ™‚

    • I want noise cancelling ear phones. I am putting them on my Christmas list this year. I keep breaking my cheap ones and probably would do better with wireless ones πŸ™‚

  7. Mostly in the car or when I am cutting grass on my riding lawn tractor. I just plug in and away I go. Sometimes I listen during my lunch break at work. And once in a while if I am really enjoying my book I’ll stay plugged in while shopping. πŸ™‚

    I’ll have to try the home repair idea soon. Lots of little things to do around here and the audiobooks just might make it go by faster. lol

    • I really want a lawn tractor LOL I need to rig my mower with a phone holder so I can listen while doing it πŸ™‚

      The Home Repair is really nice because you get two things done at once.

      • We have a huge yard to cut – double lot in the country. So a lawn tractor was a must and I actually love cutting the lawns now. πŸ™‚ Hubby does the trimming with the regular mower and weed eater, but I do the big parts because I get to listen to audiobooks… πŸ™‚

  8. I listen while in the car, walking, housework, cooking and sometimes when I am doing blogging stuff that doesnt’ require me to read, mostly when I am plugging together a Friday Forecast. I love audiobooks.

  9. I am a receiving manager at a Barnes and Noble so while I am receiving the books in I’m normally listening to one with my Bluetooth headsets. Don’t like to get tangled and snagged by the boxes.

  10. Having a kid kind of limits when I can listen to my audiobooks now but I do sneak them in! Usually I try to get one a week. If it’s really good, I might listen while the kid plays, or else I’ll put on my headphones while making lunch and dinner, or if he’s napping and I’m doing adult things like paperwork or paying bills or something. And if we’re out running errands, I’ll listen in the car. My guy is only a year and a half so I can get away with romances and horrors, but I might need to change that in the future. lol. I find I also speed them up, which helps with getting through 1-2 a week!

    • I am pretty sure soon you will have to switch to little guy’s types of audiobooks (but those count too). I could just imagine what would happen if he starts repeating things he hears in audiobooks. More horror though—stabbed him with a knife —who? says the random lady in the grocery store and you go OH VEY! LOL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. I food shop and listen. It works at well since I don’t really want to be there and puts me in bubble of sorts. I also listen when cleaning, cooking, gardening and before I go to sleep.

  12. I listen at all those times too! I love listening while shopping and cooking and cleaning and exercising. I don’t listen when I game (I play Team Fortress 2, and it’s an online game so I have to be able to hear things and people). I also tend to listen at 2x speed. I actually look forward to my daily commute thanks to Audible!

    • I can’t listen when I play Diablo (lots of story) but can when I break out Pharaoh or Ceaser 3 or Zues (my city building campaigns) since most of that is build and wait πŸ™‚

      I listen at 2x speed too. People call me crazy but it doesn’t sound bad to me.

  13. I need to be better at finding different places where I can listen to audiobooks, Felicia, that way I may actually listen to those I have…
    When I walk, I don’t always think about getting my phone out to listen to a book, but that’s probably the best way for me.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

  14. The speaker I got is the Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker . They are pretty reasonably priced: amazon dot Polk-Audio-Swimmer-Bluetooth-Speaker/dp/B00M2UKAWY. I rigged my ipod holder from a plastic box some cards came in, a cable tie and some duct tape, Duct tape alone would do it, if you lined it with more tape or something. The cable tie connects it all to the handle bar on the tractor, but I am sure it would work just as well on a mower.

  15. I’m lucky enough that I can listen at work, too. And not having kids helps; I can listen while I do anything at home, and no one will interrupt me. Sometimes the only reason I get my lazy butt up and go for a walk is because I’m at a really good part of my audio book and want to keep going. Shopping is my biggest one, though. I can’t even consider shopping (grocery, clothing, shoes, whatever) without my headphones. It really helps to keep the pushy salespeople away. I don’t think I get through nearly as many audiobooks as you seem to, but that’s because I split my listening time between them and the podcasts I’m addicted to, of which there are many.
    Wait – I just saw your reply to Jonetta. You can listen to audiobooks through your Echo??? What??? This is game-changing. We have a Sonos system, but there’s no easy way to listen through that. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get an Echo; you may have just given it to me.

    • Not having kids helps a ton!

      I am totally with you on the sometimes going for a walk (or extending one) if the book is really good. My dogs have given me the “look” occasionally LOL

      See your email for the Echo thing πŸ™‚ SO TOTALLY ROCKS!

  16. Yup, all of those except shopping, but I also have a waterproof blue tooth speaker that I use in the shower. If I am shopping I can get a little distracted by ingredients, reading or reading blurbs. I don’t game much (just a scrabble type game with one friend online and Solitaire).

    Gardening is awesome for it: I have rigged a holder on the handle of my tractor that makes it easier. I usually use headphones because while I live in the country when I am listening to a particularly sexy section is when someone will come by; last time it was a boyscout!

    • I am jealous of those waterproof blue tooth speaker. I am so putting that on my Christmas list LOL I would love one for the shower and/or tub. I mean I have a wine glass holder in there πŸ™‚

      I love hearing that you have rigged your tractor. That is freaking smart. I need to figure out a way to do that with my lawnmower.

      Oh poor boyscout though I am sure there is a badge in there somewhere for that πŸ™‚

  17. I’m impressed with your ability to concentrate on the book while doing all of those things!! I have tried listening to audio books while doing chores, working out, but I can’t seem to focus on the story and then I lose track of what’s going on. I had all kinds of plans of listening to audio books on my treadmill, but it hasn’t happened yet. I need to try again! I used to have a long commute to and from work and loved audio books. Since moving closer to work, I haven’t listened to them in years, which is a bummer. I would get SO many more books ‘read’ in a year because of them!!

    • I have to admit I am one of those people that always have to have more than one thing going at once. My concentration works better that way. Not everyone is that way though. I have been that way since really young. I even have to listen music while reading.

  18. I was lucky at my previous job where I could listen to audios too plus the 40 minute trip to work and then 40 minutes back home and that’s how I got 3-4 books done in a week. But now that I’m home full time I’m lucky to get 1 book a week done. But when I’m home I listen while: mowing, cleaning the house and working out like walking or the elliptical.

    • I miss (but don’t) having a long commute! I can imagine that you don’t get as much done at home. Unless I am doing one of those things listed above I tend to be listening to music or watching TV. I do know it is easier for me to lose my place when I am listening at home while dealing with dogs and various room activities (I need blue tooth headsets–had some they broke) so if I am doing a lot of moving around and my echo isn’t in that room then it is music.

  19. Ok, you so hit it on the head when you said “ignoring the family”! LOL I can do that when I’m on my computer too! I’m good at tuning out. When I DO exercise, and I get to do it alone, I will listen to my book. I have a hard time getting out to walk on my own. Everyone always wants to come with me and then I feel totally rude if I have my headphones in. Most of my listening is done on that hour each way commute. I got really tired of people calling me during this time, so I set a block on my phone during the evening rush hour so no one can interrupt my book. I do have a safe number allowed in case of an emergency . Unfortunately, I can only have one block so I have to put up with the intruders in the morning!

    • Ignoring the family is always a perk (when my sibling lived with me). Love them to death but too much family time is just too much πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ My commute isn’t long enough anymore (not that I hate that) now I only car audiobook when doing dog transports πŸ™‚

    • During my big project we had LOTS of conference calls. My coworkers were like I think that is the most we have ever talked to you and I jokingly (or not) said but it was too much LOL

  20. I listen to audiobooks in the morning when I’m working on client stuff, road trips (I seem to keep coming back to Tiffany Reisz audiobooks during that time), running errands and at airports/on the plane.

    • Airports! YES! It is nice to shut out that noise πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Tiffany’s books do they make you blush. I tell the guys at work not to ask me what I am listening too aka right now it is one of those scenes LOL

      • LOL. Jenn and I listen to Tiffany’s books during our road trips. It gets awkward and funny and our commentary get totally out of hand during THOSE scenes. If I’m in public and there’s a sexy scene, I’m usually giggling and people look at me funny. They don’t know what they’re missing out on. Ha!

        • I can just imagine you two and the commentary. I am thinking that is almost as good as the original story. I giggle a lot during those scenes too. There is just something hilarious about narrated sex!

  21. The correct answer for me is “anywhere I can”. I listen at work as well, but I probably only get an average of about four hours in on an eight hour day. I also listen while house cleaning, commuting and even while riding my horse.

  22. Great post, Felicia! Nice to see you’re a Castle fan:)

    I listen while walking, cooking and driving (especially those long road trips). But my biggest listening opportunities come when I’m cleaning. When I got a set of noise reduction headphones, they changed my life. I can listen while vacuuming and doing laundry. One of the best parts of my day is when I stick the headphones on and start cleaning. What was once a chore I despised has turned into one I look forward to doing.

    • Good headphones are a must. AT work I can’t do noise cancelling but at home if I am doing something loud they are AMAZING! I also blast it through my Echo but I live alone so no one to get embarrassed if it is one of those scenes!