Blogger Confession: Taking the week off!

Posted April 15, 2013 by Felicia S in Blogger Confession / 26 Comments

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Blogger Confession: Taking the week off!

Hi y’all!

I want to thank all of you for your very kind words on Friday! I was going to respond to each and every one but the ones that came in before we knew about Camilla had me crying at my desk.  Camilla ended up not being a match for our house and I am really sad about that.  She was pregnant and had heartworms.  If we didn’t have other dogs or maybe just one we could have dealt with it.  However with 3, we just didn’t feel that we had the resources to handle it.  I felt so bad about her not coming home with us and more than likely getting her placed on a bad list! My only hope is that the rescue guy I talked to on Friday took her in and they really did seem open to it.  I want to say this though, if you ever consider getting a pet please think about adopting.  It doesn’t have to be from a shelter.  It can be a rescue organization or fostering program.  They are the best dogs and cats in the world!

So I am emotionally drained from last week.  I am still open to another dog in the house but I am going to give myself to heal from this bout of disappointments. I am also going to take this week off from blogging as I have no set in stone commitments that I need to adhere too.  Well I have one commitment which I will keep: there will be a Top Off Tuesday post. I just need some time to emotionally recharge and I think a week of just committing to that will help.

Thank you again for being my friends!!  Your kind words helped me more than you will know!

Felicia S
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26 responses to “Blogger Confession: Taking the week off!

    • Yes Ma’am! I helped rescue a puppy yesterday off of the shelter list. Me and another girl payed for her adoption fee. It helped a LOT!

  1. I know how you feel. My heart goes out to you. Animals just want to be loved. Hang in there the right dog will come along. Enjoy your week off. I will miss ya.

  2. The first pup that Shane and I wanted ended up having heartworms. That’s how we met Maggie instead 🙂

    Take as much time as you need. I know how emotionally draining and hard it must be right now, but you’ll find the perfect addition to your family.

    • Thanks!

      I just think I needed a week without any kind of “obligations” other than work. Funny how they aren’t just letting me not do anything here 🙂

  3. So sorry Felicia. We are fostering this week with plans to adopt. We are all so attached already, so I know how heartbreaking it must be for you.
    Hope this week helps you recoop and recharge. I’m sending you hugs and love!!!

    • Fostering is an awesome way to go! Thank you for doing that! It helps my heart heal to see so many animal lovers out there!

      (((((((( hugs ))))))))

  4. *HUGS* I’m so sorry about Camilla. As a committed dog owner and rescuer, I completely understand your pain. But you have to do what’s best for you and your pups.

    Rest, recuperate and don’t forget to take some time out to enjoy the calming effect of bare chests, arms and abs!

    • Thanks Mary!

      I love rescue dogs. They are so darn sweet and wonderful. I am sure the right dog will find the fit at our home. We did find two other shelter pets a home this past week so I am healing through those 🙂