Blogger Confession: Seasoned Romance (My love of it)!

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Purchased from iStockphotoIf you follow me on Twitter–you know I have had a recent need to read romance focusing on leading ladies that are above 40 and bonus points if they are curvy. I don’t care what the subgenre is: Historical, Paranormal, Contemporary, Erotica, Urban Fantasy, LGBTQ—just give it to me πŸ™‚

So I have been finding places to find these types of reads and gonna share the goodness with you:

1) Facebook Group: Seasoned Romance

2) Goodreads Shelf:

3) Goodreads Shelf:

4) Goodreads Shelf:

5) Goodreads Shelf:

6) Entangled Line:

I am really curious if y’all have found more πŸ™‚ Also I think I have some balance finally so I should be around more πŸ™‚ I am excited to get back to blogging!

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9 responses to “Blogger Confession: Seasoned Romance (My love of it)!

  1. I don’t actively look for seasoned romances BUT I wouldn’t turn it away either. Romance is romance and everyone should be included.

    On another note, finding balance is hard. I hope you’ve been able to find it! I’m still working it out. Can’t wait to catch up with all the stuff I’ve missed.

  2. I’ve started really enjoying seasoned romance too – though I had no idea that it was called that. It’s not something I actively look for, but when I pick up a book and discover the heroine is in her late 30s/40s or older, I’m always excited. Thanks for the resources !

  3. Where were you when I did a my doctorate on Seasoned Romance β€”this was before Maggie Wells coined the name that stuck–you are bloody proof of my findings!
    ALL I write and have ever written are Seasoned Romance! I’ve kept a list of them for years, and I keep adding to it!

    I am so happy you are here and looking. Discovery is the hardest part! I am the champion for women aged 40+ to be portrayed as protagonists and romance HEROINES!

  4. I actually didn’t know Seasoned Romance was a thing – but I’m glad to hear it because I think someday soon it may be what I can handle narrating πŸ˜‰

    • Felicia S

      From what I understand there is even a group of authors getting a seasoned romance chapter or group for RWA.