Blogger Confession: ReReading is GREAT for the SOUL!

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Howdy y’all! This confession is related to yesterday’s topic Seasoned Romance . I have been rereading like a fiend the last 2 month and it has been fantastic for my soul. Since Feb, I have reread the following books:

Only 1 of those is a true Seasoned Romance (Shirleen’s Book) and it is fantastic. When I got to it (again), I had a craving for older leading ladies! So of course, the ones I knew would nurture my soul were still in KA land :

Started with the Mystery Men Series! Most of these ladies are in their late 30s and definitely in the curvy range.

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Then I moved on to read 1 in the Chaos Series: Walk Through Fire (hit both of my curvy and seasoned leading lady)

Then I hit my favorite series by KA: Colorado Mountain. Now not all of them are seasoned but most are. Almost all of them are curvy and this series just sings to my soul. Except Zara and Ham which I skip every time but that is just me. Some of the ones that are particular to my Seasoned Heart are:

I am now on to The Burg! Rereading has really helped me narrow down what I have been craving and why I kept starting then stopping books! So do you reread? How do you feed your soul?



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6 responses to “Blogger Confession: ReReading is GREAT for the SOUL!

  1. I haven’t reread a book in eight years, since I started blogging. I never feel like I have enough time. There are several series and books though that I would love to go back and reread… I really should…..

  2. I reread a lot. And I mean A LOT. I don’t reread the Rock Chicks too often, but the other KA novels are some of my favorites. Although I have reread Mystery Man and Motorcycle Man at least 5-6 times each, the ones I reread the most are probably Complicated, followed closely by The Will. There are a few other authors I reread–Linda Howard and Nora Roberts mostly. And I just reread all of Devney Perry’s novels. So yeah…

  3. I need to read the Rock Chick Series. I read the one book – I guess it was a spin off – for book club and really enjoyed it. Just haven’t made it to it yet, partly because I’ve been doing a lot of rereading this past year too. Sometimes you just need books you know you love.