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Remember 9-11

Today I am going to choose to Remember 9-11 by remembering the Heroes.  There was so much loss and tragedy that day.  We all cried, called family, hugged friends, and curled up on the couch (bed, chair) to watch more news than we had ever before in our lives.  We watched as many lost their mothers, fathers, friends,children, wives, husbands, and family but we also watched as the First Responders went in without hesitation.  We learned that the true heroes aren’t the ones on TV every day but the ones who quietly do their job coming to our aid when we are most in need.  Even though, they to are scared and frightened.  Many of the first responders lost co-workers, family, and friends but still went in so that someone else might not have to suffer that loss. We also watched as people volunteered, spent time and money to help those helping others and those who lost loved ones.  Those are heroes too.  They are the ones that didn’t go on Oprah, you don’t know their names, and they stepped up because it was the right thing to do.

I remember 9-11 mostly for the hope it gave me for humanity in general.  Yes, there were a few extremist who did an awful terrible thing. But for every one of them there were hundreds of heroes who stepped up and said “I believe in my fellow human”.  They were the firefighters, medical personal, cops, soldiers, volunteers, and friends/family/coworkers that showed up without hesitation.  That “step-up” attitude is why the extremist will never win the war even if they leave battle scars.  As long as most of humanity believes and acts like we are all united through love and compassion, extremist of any kind can’t win. Every day there are true heroes that give their all that prove that. While 9-11 brought them to light, they show up every day and fight the good fight.  Heroes and compassion are the reasons we will prevail.

Take a few minutes to remember what you learned on 9-11 and figure out how you can be a hero in your community.  Actions count and so does the intention.  It is unfortunate that things like 9-11 happen but we can honor those who stepped up by stepping up ourselves.  Be kind today and remember we are all part of this race we call human!

(((( hugs ))))


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8 responses to “Blogger Confession Remember 9-11 Heroes

  1. What a beautiful post, Felicia. I remember so vividly the shocking and terrifying events, and then the heroic acts of so many people and there are so many we didn’t even hear about. I also recall the closeness we all felt after that terrible day and the patriotism. It showed how we can pull together and be better.

  2. I remember hearing about it and crying and then making contact with a few online peeps that lived in and around NYC. However, my later attention was totally taken by my father who was in the area at the time for work and while I knew he wasn’t on any plane that went down, he was scheduled to fly out later that day. Not knowing exactly what had happened, what was safe for him to take and trying to get him back home was my focus. In a way it was good since I didn’t have to deal with the aftermath as others did. I had a purpose. Still you find out that people you know had loved ones who died in the tragedies of that day. We are very close to one another even though we don’t realize it.

    ((HUGS)) and I agree… things like this are terrible, but it can also bring out the best in humanity too. 🙂