Blogger Confession: Open Letter to Ms. Assumptive

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NOTE: This is an open letter to Ms. Assumptive (the name I gave to the author/publisher/blog tour organizer) that I got an email from–no I am not going to call them out by name)

Dear Ms. Assumptive:

I know that this is probably not the response you were expecting but your email kind of took me by surprise. I thought as a community that we had moved passed the assumption that all book blogs are simply “promotional tools” for authors/books. The fact that you took time to tell me that I really had not been helping the community by “slacking” in participation by not posting cover reveals, blog tours, or excerpts at least once a week really floored me. Thank you for taking time to tell me that my hits would be higher, my status larger, and my presence more recognized if I did these things. If I was here to market my blog those all would be helpful hints (though I disagree that all things “promotional” are good tools for marketing). However, as this is a blog that I pay for, work on, and pour myself into–I reserve the right to use it in a way that makes me happy.  Just to throw this in: I beg to differ that I (or the many blogs like mine) are unhelpful to the community. I feel like spreading the love of reading is essential in the community but on that point we will just have to disagree. Fact: emails like yours are the reason that I very seldom participate in strictly promotional type of things because the “assumption” that I am here for that reason alone drives me bonkers!

Let me tell you the purpose of my blog:

  1. This is a place where I can share my thoughts on books that I read regardless of whether they are positive or negative.
  2. This is a place where I can participate in things like the audiobook and library challenge, exercise challenge (has nothing to do with reading), or sharing just about anything (and everything) that I decide too (book related or not).
  3. If I were to consider myself a “promotional” tool for anything it would be the love of reading and that doesn’t require covers, excerpts, or blog tours.
  4. I really do love this community but my main connection to it is through my fellow readers/bloggers. I love to talk/connect/share the pure love and agony that is devouring a story. These are my people and I love them.
  5. Finally–it is no one’s job (unless there is a signed written agreement with someone) to use their hobby based on what other people expect. I thought this was pretty much common sense but apparently not. If you want a promotional tool blog then feel free to create one and make sure you have fun with it! Better yet, spend time hunting down the many book blogs that do like doing those things (there are plenty in the community) instead of pushing your “needs” on to me. My blog is for me!

To put this in perspective: last week when I was at RT it never upset me that people did not know my blog or my name. I met many bloggers and readers that I made connections with despite the world not knowing who I was. It is funny but in this day and age where many measure their worth by how many people know them–that is just not my thing. I would have been more concerned if I did advertising or were hoping to make money off my blog. That is not my main concern with this blog. It is for pure enjoyment and fun. If only my closest friends know who I am at the end of the day that is more than enough for me.  (Just a note: not all my closest friends -readers or not- read my blog either. It doesn’t bug me in the least)

Finally, I would like to wish you luck with your current campaign. However, I am going to pass on participating.


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39 responses to “Blogger Confession: Open Letter to Ms. Assumptive

  1. *sighs*

    Yeah, I would have gone mad if I had gotten an e-mail like this, Felicia! I do participate in blogtours and / or cover reveals. But not too often, and the cover reveals only for authors I adore and for the books I look forward to getting my hands on. The same with Blogtours, too, I want to do the review ones, so I only participate if I think I’ll really enjoy the story, and that’s it. I’ll probably never lack for books to read, so it’s not as if I need that extra ARC, you know?

    I’m glad you’re staying true to yourself, and do your own thing. Also, wine!

  2. *blinks* I cannot believe someone actual sent an email like that to any blogger. I only do promotional posts etc for books and authors I personally want to uplift because I enjoy them and want to share.

  3. Kelly C

    I love your response and your blog. You keep it real and that’s important to me. No drama or other whiny crap that turns me off off bloggers or authors.

    • I just can’t imagine not being real. The funny thing was she was asking for something that plenty of other people love doing. She should have been approaching them *sigh* some people!

  4. It’s nice when someone tells you how to do your shit, isn’t it? I simply can’t exist without unsolicited advice that lacks general understanding of who I am and why I do what I do. Clearly, someone who isn’t knowledgeable about me and my passions is the best person to tell me how to live my life or run my blog.


    Sorry you had to deal with Ms. Assumptive. And it’s probably good that she didn’t email me, because I would have crafted a response and sent it. Because when it rubs me the wrong way, I often can’t not say something. In response to a FB message from an author asking if she could post to my page (points for asking before she did it?), I told her no, and there were better ways to spend her marketing time and gave her a couple resources to check out. I didn’t hear back. I’m not surprised. It’s easier to make people do the work for you.

    • I was THRILLED with the “tips” *sarcasm*–I mean seriously these weren’t even good tips LOL. I thought of sending it directly to her but honestly she probably would have responded back. I did not want to conversate with her. I just don’t get it there are plenty of people who enjoy doing the things she wanted but I am guessing they were looking for “fresh” places. I wanted to really say “Trust Me–there is a reason the ones who don’t do it –DON’T!” but I refrained. Did some yoga breathing–drank a bottle of wine LOL

  5. his is exactly what I feel like when I get requests from companies I don’t know and have never dealt with. when I firs started blogging I did all of those promo posts because I thought that’s what I would need to do to get my name out there, turns out I find that kind of post annoying now.

    “If I were to consider myself a “promotional” tool for anything it would be the love of reading and that doesn’t require covers, excerpts, or blog tours.” – this was my favourite point in your list.

    • Right! It is one thing if I worked with them but then again I wouldn’t after an email like that. However, to send an email out of the blue—gah no thank you. I really think it was because of rant about newsletters a few weeks ago 🙂


  6. I love that your blog is just for you and that you do what you want to do in regards to blogging! I don’t do promotional posts as they don’t interest me so why would I post them myself? I do enjoy participating in blog tours for reviews as it allows for me to find other readers reading the same book. This is what I prefer and I don’t expect anyone else to feel the same. We are all different and that is a very good thing! I say keep doing what you are doing and what a really great response to this !

    • I think my problem with her email stemmed from the fact that our community is vast and varied. There are plenty of people that enjoy doing promotional things. There are people that enjoy blog tours. There are people that enjoy spotlighting libraries. Pretty much you can find someone that enjoys doing what you are looking for without sending emails to people who clearly don’t. Irked me to no end. What she was asking me to do,I know 20 people that would have loved to do it. To waste her time and mine was annoying.

  7. I was thinking it might be one of those promote your blog emails (which I ALWAYS delete w/o reading). However, I see in the comments it was a more personal kind and I’m sorry you had to go through that. You pretty much said what most of us think!

  8. I would not have been happy. But then I am upset by just the little things, like when I get an email telling me that I must participate in this or that blog tour..must? No

  9. These people think because we do something relating to books we are frustrated authors, editors, or are looking for jobs in the publishing industry. We can’t just enjoy reading and spreading the word about great books, in their minds.

    • I think that is what it is. You couldn’t pay me to work in the publishing industry (I don’t think there is enough wine on the planet), my editing sucks, and I tried writing a book (it was a disaster). I can firmly say I am just a reader and I LOVE IT!

  10. This is way I delete these emails. Unless it’s an author or publisher I’ve worked with and plan on reading the book anyway I don’t take part. I’m focusing more on by TBR pile which is not new releases. I’m still reading new releases but only in series I’ve already started or by my favorite authors. Or if they grab my attention. I’m not reading them and reviewing just because they are “new”. 2015 is all about mood reading and getting my TBR down.

    And I don’t follow blogs that do only promo posts so why would I want to be one of those? It’s SPAM. Not to say there’s anything wrong with only (or mostly) posting promo stuff. It’s your blog, post what you want. There’s enough room out there for us all.

    And YES this is a HOBBY for me too.

    • I should have just deleted it but I think I was stunned at how very directed at me it was. I am used to the “generic” ones (those go to spam) and the “asking” ones (those generally go to spam too”. This was just over the top CRAY CRAY!


  11. Oh my gosh. That floors me that you actually got that email. I would be furious too. This last year especially, I have stepped back from the blog and stopped doing so many guest posts and giveaways and I am focused on reading what want and I don’t care about stats, publishers and all that. It is so not worth it. As you know, I do not do cover reveal, book blasts, blitzes or anything eles that I consider as making my blog into a billboard. The tours I do are few and far between as well. If I ever get an email like that, I hope I handle it with as much class as you did.

    • The funny thing is that she could have found ton of people who like to do those things. I think our community is so varied that whatever you are looking for you can find. You can find people that enjoy doing it. Why you would seek out someone who clearly doesn’t is beyond me. Unless she thought I was a newbie but then I guess she didn’t really look at my blog.

  12. I think you may be right that sometimes people are new to promoting and not realizing the way they are coming off in these emails, but they are tacky when they go out. Sometimes when I read things like this in my inbox or when other people share, my eyes are SO LARGE. Aye. It stinks to get stuff like this but I LOVE that you responded this way. I know it feels so much better to get it off your chest (:

    • It does stink. I am hoping that she is just new and didn’t know. I really hope that she realizes it wasn’t the correct way to approach someone. Especially when there are plenty of people in the community that do those things and love doing it. 🙂

  13. Great letter Felicia! I also don’t do much promotion posts, only if I really love an authors books. My blog is a review blog, for myself, and for connecting with other readers/bloggers and the occacional author who finds it. (Which I love!)

    • And that is the way it should be. It should be about fun! To me that is the bottom line. If I am having fun then it is worth doing. If not, I need to find something else to do 🙂

  14. That is ridiculous! You know, it almost sounds like a spam email. I often get emails about how I should pay someone to help me increase my blog stats and “promote” my blog, and I just ignore them (because they are spam!), but if this person/tour company is someone you’ve worked with before, then that’s just downright rude. I would hit the “delete” button as fast as I could!

    • This wasn’t someone I had worked with but it wasn’t a “spam” email either. It was specific to cover reveals and I did hit delete. It just kind of stuck with me as something maybe they didn’t know any better (aka were they new to promoting). Since I thought responding back to them with this email (which I almost did) would have been rude, I vented here LOL

  15. Wow, I have never had a tour place tell me that before..that is so crazy. I did get a disgruntled author post on one of my reviews a few days ago. 🙁

    • (it wasn’t a tour company per se but I don’t want to call the person out)–ugh disgruntled authors. Poor things, they really do need thicker skins LOL

  16. Wow I can’t believe someone wrote you an email like that. I love your book stuff but I also like reading your exercise challenge posts. Great response!!

    • I was a bit shocked too. Mostly because I don’t think I have ever received an email like that before. Oh granted, I have gotten ones that have been assumptive that I was going to post something but those are easily ignored. This one just rubbed me the wrong way LOL