Blogger Confession: I am MOSTLY a Series Reader #SeriouslySeries

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Hi!  My name is a Felicia and I have a slight complete addiction to series!

  • Long Series
  • Short Series
  • Trilogies

I love to revisit worlds I know and people who I care about.  In fact, I have a hard time picking up a book if I know it is a stand alone.  I hate to admit that because I know that there so many good reads that are stand alone.  Due to the way I read though most books leave me wanting more at the end of the book about the best friend, the sister, the brother, or the guy down the street that had the dog.  It is the side characters that always catch my attention because they are always a huge part of why the main couple works, why the cop catches the bad guy, or why the pie shop owner was able to track down the murderer.  Without the side characters supporting the main characters the story would never be as rich.  However, when side characters meet a reader like me then I want to know their story.  It is a never-ending cycle.

I have also found this to be true no matter what genre I am reading.  I will say the exception to this rule is thrillers because sometimes cops only have one good case!  In the rest of them though, I am more likely to pick up a book if I know it is the beginning of a series.  There are pitfalls to this though, series get cancelled early sometimes by publishers and you are left wanting.  Your favorite character never gets their own book or is relegated to a novella. You have to wait a long time (sometimes a year or more) to get the next tale in the saga. The author ends the current book with a cliffhanger where one of your favorite side characters is in peril (these are the worst) and then makes you wait a year to find out what happens (I am looking at you KMM). All these things are the price we readers pay for the love of series reading.  It is the chance we take but to be honest, I would take that chance every time because most of the time it works out just fine.

Here are the series I have tackled or continued so far this year:

  • Love At Stake Series by Kerrelyn Sparks (I have read 9 and my love letters to them start next week)
  • Otherworld Assassin by Gena Showalter (Only the first one is out but the 2nd one sounds great)
  • Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries by Ellery Adams (I have read both)
  • Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson (I have read 5 of them)
  • Elemental Assassin Series by Jennifer Estep (I am totally caught up)
  • The Rules of Scoundrals by Sarah MacLean (I am on book 2—LOVING IT)
  • Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews (finally read book 1 and will be continuing)
  • Lords of Deliverance by Larissa Ione (OMG OMG OMG)
  • Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries by Charlaine Harris (Quietly rereading while waiting on the last book)
  • White Trash Zombie series by Diana Rowland (Doing a ReRead and finished book 1)
  • Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen (I will finish this series this year)
  • Envy Chronicles by Joss Ware (Caught Up)
  • Demons of the Infernum by Rosalie Lario (On book 2)
  • Nightwatcher Series by Wendy Corsi Staub (We broke up after book 3)
  • Highland Pleasures by Jennifer Ashley (Can’t wait to continue on with the devilish brothers)
  • The Montgomeries and The Armstrongs by Maya Banks (Counting Down to Book 3)
  • Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas (Trying to decide where I stand with this series)
  • Half Moon Hallow by Molly Harper (SNORT CLUB FTW)
  • Renegade Angels by Sylvia Day (Only one more–not happy because there are so many untold stories there)
  • Elder Races by Thea Harrison (Caught Up)
  • Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian (Total Fan Girl)
  • Wildfire Series by Ella Grace aka Christy Reece aka I will read anything by her!

I have read 50 books that count towards the Seriously Series Read challenge!  I have enjoyed almost all of them.  Only 19 books I have read this year do not count towards this number though I am sure they will down the line.  What do I mean about that? The author wasn’t specific on whether it was a launch on a new series but I have my suspicions! The other (more likely) scenario, I have mislabeled them in goodreads.  I will be going through my list this weekend to make sure they are all up to date!

So what kind of reader are you?

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What are your thoughts?

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32 responses to “Blogger Confession: I am MOSTLY a Series Reader #SeriouslySeries

  1. I love series so much! I just like the idea that I get to continue the story after the book is finished. That’s why I always get so sad when I get to the final book in a series. I’m reading Clockwork Princess right now and I’m getting close to the end. It’s making me so sad. I don’t want to finish it!

  2. I love me some series, too, but I’m starting to appreciate the stand alone too. Like you, I really don’t want to give up fantastic world and compelling characters. I want to revisit them over and over again!

  3. I love series, but these days I am finding it so hard to keep up with them. I really need to do a better job. I finally caught up on Kevin Hearne and now I am catching up on Kim Harrison. There are so many I am behind on, though.

  4. Can I just start by saying how much I love this post?

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE your reviews, but this sounds like you. It made me laugh, had me nodding in agreement, and per usual jotting down new books to add to my TBR.

    I’m a series girl as well, unfortunately I have waaaaay too many left waiting for me to pick them back up and I start to feel guilty 🙁

    • I have that problem too with a few. The characters start to feel like friends and then I put the series down for whatever reason and it takes forever to get back to it. I feel like that person who moved to another city and never wrote! *hangs head in shame*

      I really prefer doing blogger confession posts–I get to be goofy 🙂

  5. Series!!! My love affair with series started with Sid. When she was little & I found she liked an author, I bought her every book they wrote. So when I started reading, I acted similarly. It is a wonderful feeling melting back into a world that you already know.

  6. I didn’t realize I was a series reader until I joined the Seriously Series Challenge this year. It seems all I’m reading are series these days. I don’t know why. I think like you said because you get invested in the other characters and the world. And it’s nice to go back to a world you love. I can’t imagine only going to Hogwarts once. Ya know? How do you feel about companion novels? I’m not sure if I like them as much as series, but they’re better than nothing I guess.

    • I don’t even think I could pick a favorite year at Hogwarts. In fact, I was sad when it was done when it was LOL 🙂

      You know I haven’t really thought about Companion Novels but I think I would be ok with them. Even though they are stand alone, they still have that “series” feel. Though not as much as the series book.

  7. Wow, that is a lot of series and most of which i have not heard of. I do like to read series but I must be ADD, as I get easily distracted. So, for example I’ve enjoyed the first book in the following series and only 1 of which I have read # 2 so far. The Alchemyst (Story of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel), Hunger Games, Divergent (this one I read Insurgent as well but not the 3rd), Unenchanted, In the Woods (and I was not a big fan so not reading #2 is by choice). Besides In the Woods, I’d like to read the other books inthe series for the others. What will end up happening is it’ll be too long before I get to #2, i’ll forget and have to reread #1. I seem to have a problem finishing series I start.

    I enjoy your blogger confessions, good topic!

    • Series aren’t for everyone. I have a friend that is a lot like you—she will read one or two but after that she wants a book she can read then put down. She reads a lot more women’s fiction and main stream fiction for this reason. It might be my chosen genres are geared towards series too. I never thought about that 🙂

  8. I read about 95% series. I can count on one hand the stand alones I’ve read (like ever). But as much as I love series I feel like some go on for too long. And I’m starting to look around for some stand alones.

    • I don’t run to grab long running series books like I used too. I think after book 10 I am pretty much “meh” about it unless they make a huge world change. AKA Styx–I am waiting to see how that changes the Dark Hunters

  9. I love series books for the same reason, but lately a standalone one book is sometimes such a nice change of pace. I forget that I enjoy those as well. Still, when a good one comes along you just want to go back to that world. *sigh* I’m a contradiction sometimes. 😀

    • And that is why I ADORE You! 🙂

      I actually wish I liked Stand Alones much more than I do. My reading life would be simple and not bogged with OMG I DON’T have book 3 but I have 1, 2, and 4 LOL

  10. I do like that reading series books are so comforting like catching up with an old friend. BUT, lately I admit that standalones are more appealing. Maybe I’ve been burned by too many long running series that fizzle out though. I do want to check out the Banks and Estep series though. And I’m curious about how the Sookie series will end.

    • I think the longer running ones my attention wanes. I don’t line up on release day and read them. I still haven’t read the last Sherrilyn Kenyon or JR Ward. I will at some point but I am kind of digging new worlds right now.

    • It is hard to find them. I was thinking when I wrote this about whether I could even find one if I put my mind to it in Romance. Maybe Contemporary but that is my least read genre. I am going to have to look next time I am in the store to see if I can find one.

  11. Kristilyn (Reading In Winter)

    I do love series books, BUT I do wish that series would stick to being 3 books tops. I find that it takes too much to remember what happened in previous books when a new book comes out all the time. I mean, I love getting to revisit my favourite characters again, but SOMETIMES a series can be too much.

    I think my only real hatred about series books is that EVERYTHING is a series these days. Whatever happened to the good contemporaries? I like standalone books!

    • I have to admit that trilogies are probably my favorite or at least series that do a 3 to 4 book story arch and then introduces another story arch for the next set. My attention tends to stay set then.

      I don’t read many contemporaries but I am really surprised they adopted the series format. I used to read a lot of them and they were great for summer afternoons. Something about being one and done on a lazy summer afternoon was great 🙂

  12. I am totally a series reader. I can’t seem to break up with the characters. I need them to go on and on. Even after their HEA, I still want to be in their lives. Man, I sound obsessed!

  13. I’m kind of with Juju. I’ve quit so many. There were just too many trilogies and series that were either going downhill or running together. I counted once and I had over 40 on my shelves & didn’t’ bother counting the Kindle series.

    One I do want to catch back up with though is the Midnight Breed series. I didn’t give up on it, just got distracted by so many other books.

    I’m wading back into the series waters lately but I don’t get that OMG I NEED TO READ HTE NEXT BOOK YESTERDAY feeling anymore.

    It kind of make she sad because I used to love them and I miss the days of reading an entire series in a week. But those were the days before blogging and I felt the need to analyze and review e everything.

    • I have to admit that last year and the year before I stayed mostly away from series because I was doing more review books. That made me look at every book in that analytic type of way. This year I have totally stepped back from reviews and just reading for fun. My ratings have gone up and my enjoyment of series has come back.

      I think you have a very good point that blogging might have something to do with it. I never thought of it before…..

      • Blogging does ruin reading in a way but then we wouldn’t discover all these great books. It’s a trade off lol

        And omg…could I have spelled any more words wrong in that comment??? *cringe*