Blogger Confession: Getting back to the Library and the books on my shelf!

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Relationship Status: In a Menage with my Library Card and Personal Shelves (including the Audible Romance Package). Meaning you might see a whole lot of older reads popping up here and that is OK. I am just happy to be reading again πŸ™‚

Let me say this: I ADORE REVIEW BOOKS! Seriously they are like 5th on the list (behind readers, friends, conventions, and meeting authors/narrators) on why being a book blogger rocks. They do however sometimes mess with my Library love. Also my personal shelf gets sadly neglected. I took off January in order to wean myself off review books for awhile (I have a few left in the pipeline but all are authors I already know and tend to love). I have spent January falling back in love with the Library and my personal shelves. I joined the Romance Package back in December (it is a great filler for what is on my shelves—so I don’t have to buy the books I don’t have) and really my love of reading has come back full force. The last two years have been rough reading years. I read books I loved but my number of books has gone way down. The truth is I was picking to watch reruns of Forensic Files instead of reading. That was SO WEIRD for me. I mean, it is just not in my DNA to pick reruns (unless I am under the weather) instead of listening or reading a book. I used to be a rereader when I needed comfort not rewatcher. Anyone else been there?

I will be back Feb 5th! With quite a few fun and awesome listens!

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5 responses to “Blogger Confession: Getting back to the Library and the books on my shelf!

  1. My biggest reading goal for 2018 is to read the books/audios I own already. I’m using the library and audible romance for older books on audio that I may have in print or ebook so I can get through them faster since I listen at work.

  2. When I get stuck, I have to change genre. A mystery without supernatural of romance sometimes really helps. I’m doing ok on review books but I am behind on review audios. The holidays just messed up my time somehow. I go in phases on watching tv. I watch a lot for a few years and then almost none and then a lot then almost none. I’m in the almost none phase for the last 3 years. I used to watch while knitting or quilting but now I listen to audiobooks. Anne

  3. I finished a review book the other day and sat looking at my list of ones I still had to read. I said screw it and grabbed one I’ve been waiting forever to read but just didn’t have the time. My reading is picking up, either that or the books I’ve been reading are shorter than usual! LOL

  4. I’m totally caught up on review books so I’m doing the same.

    I updated my library card (aren’t you proud??!!) and while audio books were kind of a bust for me (sorry) I am going to use the library more for e-books and the books I don’t necessarily want to buy while FINALLY catching up on my own TBR books.

    Good luck Felicia!