Blogger Confession: Author Events for Marissa Meyer and Maya Banks

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 Blogger Confession: Author Events for Marissa Meyer and Maya Banks

Blogger Confession: Author Events for Marissa Meyer and Maya Banks

I have had a busy couple of weeks with book related events.  As a reader, I love it!  I can’t tell you how much I love living in a town that caters to readers!

Feb 8th: Marissa Meyer at the Irving Public Library.  I attended this book event with Amy from @bookgoonie and my friend Kelley!  It was a delightful signing.  Marissa Meyer has a sparkling personality that comes across in her writing and in person.  She truly delights in what she gets to do for a living. She is a true geek and her hubby is delightfully supportive.  I think we all fell a little in love with her 🙂

I lost my notes from this event 🙁

Blogger Confession: Author Events for Marissa Meyer

Feb 16th:  I went to see Maya Banks at the Angelika Dallas Theater.  This event was put on by @FreshFiction. Maya was wonderful.  I was surprised at how personable and funny she was.  I had heard she is really shy but that didn’t come across at all. She was sweet and stuck around till she signed everyone’s books.  She didn’t have a limit and I know there were a few with big bags full.  I was lucky that a bunch of my book club friends were there so we got to be giggly all together.  I highly recommend going to signings with friends because they are always more fun. Maya answered questions on all of her series and gave hints of things to come!  The one I cared most about: Steele’s book will be more romantic as he is the strong silent type.  So much tamer than PJs but much more Steele’s personality.  I squeed at that 🙂

Here are some notes from this event:

  • For Writers: Writing is a job. You just need to sit down and do it. You can fix a scene but not a blank page. You can’t call up your editor and say sorry the muse hasn’t shown up. You need to just sit down and do it.
  • Maya Banks writes like she reads…. she let’s the story unfold as she writes.
  • Maya Banks is a straight line writer. She Likes to delve into the world and finish the story before starting the next book.
  • Maya Banks loves writing different types of books. It keeps it fresh for her.
  • Maya Banks is an ender too! She loves to have a great ending.
  • The Sweet Series spinoff will be more sexy contemporary than erotica. I am excited about this 🙂

Blogger Confession: Author Events for Maya Banks

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30 responses to “Blogger Confession: Author Events for Marissa Meyer and Maya Banks

  1. Great that you had such a blast! I did see your Facebook posts when you were with Maya Banks 🙂 I am so excited I am going to meet her again this year in Berlin, Germany.

  2. I am also a little bit in love with Marissa. She’s so cool and she has no qualms about nerding out. Love it!

    Maya Banks sounds really cool too! Love that she’s an ender. I’m looking forward to the Sweet Series spinoff too.

    Fabulous pics and recap ladies! 🙂

  3. I just love meeting the authors, it is always a blast. I need to go with people I know though. I meet some people there, but it is always easier for me when I have friends with me. Isn’t there another big signing event coming up soon in Dallas?

  4. Oh you got to meet Marissa. She was so sweet in helping me put together my interview and I love that she is a big geek. I love her books as well. Maya Banks, I need to read something by her. My next signing is April and I am going to meet Sarah Fine! You really really should read Sanctum!

  5. Oh the FUN!!! Meyer was the cutest thing. Her bubbliness was contagious. Friends at signings is a MUST. Not just for the giggles, but the line creeping. Great time to catch up.

    Wish I could have squeezed in the Banks, but the hubs would have murdered me if I ditched him with other soccer parents to come.

    March 29 is approaching.

  6. LUCKY YOU FELICIA!!! I would have loved to have attended both of these events. I of course ADORE Marissa Meyer’s series, waiting for the next book is always painful. I’m madly in love with Maya’s historical romances novels (I’ve yet to get to her military romances – I suck), so I probably would have been on of those people with a giant bag full for her to sign:) Thanks for sharing pictures!

    • They were both awesome!

      Marissa would be fun to hang out with and geek over Star Trek. She truly is just an adorable geek. She signed one little babies gold shoe and was just delightfully fun about it.

      Maya’s KGI series is one that I adore but not everyone likes every book. I, on the other hand, want to move to wherever the Kelley’s are and have their dream children. Just saying!

  7. MELISSA MARR!! I have such a girl-crush on her, it’s not even funny. Met her at BEA and she remembered my name!!! *squees*

    Love Maya Banks, too. That girl has some serious writing output (her and Lauren Dane…in awe of how much they write and produce).