Blogger Confession: Reading and Reviewing Motto

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Blogger Confession: Reading and Reviewing Motto

State of The Geeky Blogger:

  • I will read what I want and share my thoughts freely.
  • I am beholden to no one.
  • I like what I like.
  • I love what I love.
  • I dislike what I dislike.
  • I will NOT let the actions of a few halt the way I share my love of reading.
  • I will NOT let the actions of a few curb my enthusiasm for reading and sharing my thoughts.

Reading/Blogging Thoughts:

  • I love to read!
  • Books I hate, DNF, or dislike for various reasons are still important to me. They challenge my thoughts on morals, acceptable behavior, and believability.
  • Books I love, like, and enjoy are important to me. They feel like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. They have the ability to change my world.
  • Authors are my rock stars but their personal lives are not any of my business.
  • Authors are my rock stars but I reserve the right to quit reading them if something they do offends me. I, however, do not expect others to do the same.
  • Authors are my rock stars but they have very little impact on how I see their stories.
  • I can love an author and not their like their book.
  • I can dislike an author and love their book.
  • When I read, my reactions/ratings are solely based on my reaction to the story. Not the author! Not their actions!
  • I will never rate a book that I quit reading if it has to do with my personal feelings of the person who wrote it (unless it is an auto-biography then it is all about the person who wrote it). For me, that crosses MY line of rating a book based on my experience with the story.
  • I will never berate someone for rating a book however they see fit. Just because I rate books based on story alone doesn’t mean someone else isn’t allowed to rate on a total different basis. Perhaps an author’s actions are part of that person’s reading experience.
  • I reserve the right to walk away from any book I am reading (for review or not) simply because I am not in the mood or the story isn’t for me.
  • Readers are my soul-mates!
  • Readers are the people whom I go to conventions to meet and mingle with!
  • Readers get that personal experience bleeds into every story you read!
  • Readers get that something that worked for you at a different time in life might not work now. That is how stories fit our lives. That is the true beauty of stories.
  • Readers get that different troupes work for different folks. It is OK to love something that someone else hates. There are tons of stories to fit whatever your fancy is!
  • I very seldom look at who a publisher is on a book until I am finished and putting it into my blog for review.
  • Who a publisher is doesn’t matter to me (traditional, self, small–are all just distribution channels to me). The story is what counts!
  • I reserve the right to boycott a distribution channel if I feel it is impacting my reading world in a negative way. I believe in the “put your dollar where your mouth is” way of protesting. This is the only time that the distribution channel impacts my reading experience.
  • I, however, make no demands that someone else follow suit. Your money, your spending power!
  • I buy my books from where I want. I feel everyone has that choice and should exercise it.
  • I don’t feel you are a bad fan if you buy from somewhere (as long as it is legal) that an author has suggested against. If 2nd hand books are what you can afford–go for it. If you love Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Independents, Audiobook suppliers, Half Price Books, or super mega stores: Go For It!
  • Libraries rock! <—perfect place to get books to read!
  • I love the reading community. They get something that my non-reader friends do not.
  • I hate that drama takes away from the love reading at times.Β  My goal is to be aware but to disengage when it threatens my love of reading.

Blog policies from this point forward:

  • I will continue to work (on a limited basis) with my current audiobook contacts. I love them and there has been very little (or no) drama in that part of the reading world.
  • I will continue to work with other bloggers and readers on events.
  • I will no longer (after my current obligations) be doing Blog Tours unless it is connected with audiobooks. Then I will because I love spreading the audiobook love.
  • I will continue to do Top Off Tuesdays and Book Blog Walkers because I love them dearly. They also give me another way to show my love of cover art and fitness.
  • I will be putting more emphasis on highlighting libraries (probably 2 events and 1 reading challenge in the New Year).
  • I will be putting more emphasis on reading for fun.
  • I will be visiting some older reads because they have been sitting on my shelves far too long.
  • I will embrace readers with differing opinions and viewpoints of stories. That is actually my favorite part-both debating and squeeing over stories. The individual thoughts a story can produce are almost as good as the stories themselves.
  • I will remember why I started doing this on Dec 29, 2008: For the love reading and connecting with readers. I think in some instances I have lost my way a couple of times but I am firmly back on track.
  • I will continue to do discussion posts around things that impact me as a reader because things like pricing, availability, cover art, and troupes are important to the stories/books/reading experience.

Things I now have:

(I wish I didn’t have too but I understand this has to do with the business of blogging in this day and age)


So that is my reading/blogging motto!

What is yours? I might have to add some bullet points. Gosh I love bullet points!

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31 responses to “Blogger Confession: Reading and Reviewing Motto

  1. I loved this the first time you posted it, and even more now. This past year brought so much controversy (and the year before, and the year before that!), and there were authors I said goodbye to, and one or two that I’m sticking with even if I don’t like some of their actions– I’m a fan of their characters, and that’s a lot harder to walk away from. 2014 was probably my best year so far of blogging, because I removed a lot of pressure that I had been putting on myself. I read more, I listened more, I blogged more… I only wish I’d commented more- that’s my only real blogging goal for next year and all the years ahead.

  2. I love your blog and I love your policies! I don’t have a republication policy, so I’m going to use yours as a baseline and work on one this week. Thanks!!

  3. I love everything you have to said and I agree with all of it too. I read because I love to read. I started my blog for the same reason and I don’t want and won’t allow a bad apple to affect my love for reading/blogging.

  4. Totally read your “Republication Policy” as “Republican Policy”. Sweet Jesus. That’s something completely different (I had to click on it to be sure…).

    LOVE this, doll. Love it. We read because we love. We blog about books because we want to share that love or just talk about the books with someone who might have read them. Woo-hoo!

    • The drama this year has been crazy! I mostly stay out of it but some things it pays to be aware of because of trickle down. I mostly had to write this to remind me why I started in the first place πŸ™‚

  5. I totally agree and understand everything you wrote. Time to get back to blogging and reading for yourself and not others. And no drama. We didn’t sign up for that, just the love of sharing bookish thoughts with others.

    I’m changing so much on my blog right now – not totally just being based on books anymore. I need to redo my policies, my motto and my thoughts on how 2015 will work on my blog. *sigh*

    I just don’t feel motivated to do any of it at all right now. LOL I’m bookmarking your post as a reminder to get this done for 2015!

    • I am going to sound like the little old man who tells stories starting with “back in the day” LOL Seriously I miss the innocence and fun of book blogging 5 years ago. It was so exciting to just see everyone getting excited about books, doing countdowns, and such. It will never be that way again but I can make it that way for me.


      • I actually agree with that. Things were much more fun and easygoing a few years ago and I am also just going to blog for me and no one else. It needs to be fun again. πŸ™‚

  6. From the get go, I’ve been all about reading for fun. I rarely get ebooks for review, and those are mostly self-published authors that I trust. Mostly I just get audios. I have one job, I won’t this reading and reviewing become another one. I’m glad to hear you aren’t giving it up completely because I would miss your posts.

    • Nope not leaving! I do think I am going to step back even from audiobook review books (unless it is a series I currently have going). I have plenty of unlistened books and enough credits to tie me over. πŸ™‚ I am more excited about blogger events (Sultry Listeners, Snagged @ The Library, etc) so I think that will be more of my focus πŸ™‚

  7. I know that hubbub in the book world has gotten a bit crazy but I’m not going to worry about it. It did make me think about what I would do and that is good. I did make a republication policy. I didn’t think of that one.

  8. I hear ya. I don’t let the drama on the blogosphere bother me because I feel strongly if you are writing quality, honest reviews that don’t get nasty you will be fine. I don’t engage authors or readers on Twitter, I stay the heck off it. I love to read and I love the blogging community and I am sad that some people have to create controversy! Happy weekend.

    • I am stepping away from engaging authors or publishers on twitter (unless they happen to be avid readers too then I will talk to them about what they are reading but not their books). I love twitter but it sure knows how to blow up a storm in 5 seconds or less.

  9. Quinn Fforde

    It is a shame that you have had to actually say these things. They are simply common sense and the way everyone should be acting! Keep following your principles, and we you keep following you!

    • πŸ™‚ I wrote this list for me as a reminder of what I stood for. It helps me to see it on paper (so to speak–though it is on paper too LOL) πŸ™‚

  10. I absolutely love ALL of this! This is pretty much what I try to do as a reader and blogger. Just sharing the book love of what I like and don’t like.This is a great post!!! Thank you for sharing it. πŸ™‚

    • I think the biggest reminder to myself is this my space. I have always been a staunch defender in do what you want with your space. πŸ™‚ You have to love it because you spend the most time with it!

  11. Awesome post Felicia, I couldn’t agree more with you. I read what I want to read, when I want to read it and I review it if I want to. I am not an audiobook fan, nor do I visit the library, but a review is a review and it might make me buy the paper book instead.

    I hate all the drama going on in the blog world, and it seems like writers and reviewers are on different sides of the fence nowadays. I love authors and admire their creativity and I am so very thankful for their hard work giving me so many hours and days and years of reading pleasure.

    • It is truly sad the divide happening between authors and reviewers. The funny thing is it kind of reminded me that it is ok to read a story for a story and not engage the author at all. I love authors and love to meet them at conventions. I think in this world of immediate response that too many things get said without thinking (on both sides). I am going back to my fan girl ways of the stories cause that is where my love is!

  12. Well done! I love your commitment to maintaining your individuality in this space. And, you’ve given me much to ponder. There are too many I embrace to highlight here so I won’t. Just know you made a big difference today.