Balancing the Book Budget: January 2013 Check-In

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Balancing the Book Budget: January 2013 Check-In

Monthly Balancing the Book Budget Check-In!


  • I can purchase 2 books a month (Either Kindle or Paperback form)
  • I can use my audible credits (2 a month).  So if I hit a 3 for 2 sale score for me but I will not be purchasing additional credits in a month.
  • I can use my Discover a New Love credit every month. (I actually have 2 saved up that will be used at some time too)
  • I can make 1 book club purchase a month.  I had to add this in because I don’t always read the same books my book clubs do.  I have 2 book clubs so this does pose a bit of a problem as they don’t often pick the same book and one of the 2 I run.  However, I did not want to add 2 books to my purchase total.  Sometimes I will have to go strictly for the social aspect or get the book from the library.
  • I can download free books but must track them.
  • I can receive books as gifts or win them but must track them. (This is includes giveaway books from blogs, contests, Library Thing, and Goodreads)
  • I can request/receive no more than 2 (paper or kindle) books per month for review.  Once I am caught up from last years requests I might up that to 3 but right now I need to catch up.
  • I can continue to request Brilliance Audiobooks for review but no more than 5 of those.  I knock these out pretty quickly and audiobooks are something that I adore.
  • I will keep track of total dollars spent on all book related activities: dinners for book clubs, conventions, book related expenses, ect.

January 2013 Balancing the Book Budget Totals

Book Purchased (2):   The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky ($12.96) and Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson ($2.11) = $15.07

January 2013 Book Purchase

Audiobook Credits (2) used: AudibleListener® Platinum Membership – Monthly: $22.95 a month (I have already listened to both of these): Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and Widow’s Web (Elemental Assassin, #7) by Jennifer Estep. I did get 3 extra credits this month but did not use them. That means for the next 3 months I can only buy 1 book instead of 2 in paper/kindle.  It was habit to buy extra credits and dang it I fell for it!

Audible Purchases Jan 2013

Book Club Purchase (0): I won one of the books and I am borrowing another so no money spent!

Books for Review (Physical, Edelweiss, NetGalley) (2):

A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses (Half Moon Hollow, #3) by Molly Harper (Edelweiss) and by (NetGalley)

*I want to say that I got 3 approves from books I requested in December which was a little sad.  I had completely forgot I requested them.  I am not counting them because I didn’t request them this month but in the effort of full disclosure thought I would mention them.*

After reading The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires and Driving Mr. Dead I couldn’t pass this one up!

I am starting back up my personal blog in Feb (focusing on my health, wealth, and life) and this just fit in with some things I am dealing with right now.  Once you hit 40, I tell you things just are different with your body!

Audiobooks for Review (0):  I didn’t request any for January

Discover a New Love Credit (1): For the Love of a Goblin Warrior by Shona Husk

For the Love of a Goblin Warrior by Shona Husk

Books Won (2):Waking up with a Rake by Connie Mason (already read this one and loved it) and The Long Way Home by Mariah Stewart

Thank you Stephanie from Once Upon a Chapter

Waking Up with a Rake by Connie Mason

Thank you Library Thing

Books Gifted (4): The first 3 are from a Groupon that I bought last November as a Birthday gift to myself and a friend (I got her one too). Warrior Enchanted (Sons of the Zodiac, #4) by Addison Fox, Shadow Heir (Dark Swan, #4) by Richelle Mead, Vampire Dragon (Works Like Magick, #3) by Annette Blair, and by (from my friend Wendy as a surprise gift)

Gift Books Jan 2013

Freebies are tracked on Goodreads

Books I added to the shelves this month: 13
Books I read this month: 21
Seriously Series Reads: 10
TBR Tipping (Books Purchased before 1/1/13): 12
Review Books: 6
New Purchases/Gifts Read (Books Purchased after 1/1/13): 4
Goodreads 200 book challenge: 21 of 200

Overall I started out the year strong! I can totally stick to it! YES I CAN! (Yes I am saying that to myself over and over and over and over till I believe it LOL)

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26 responses to “Balancing the Book Budget: January 2013 Check-In

  1. Wow, you still got a lot of books there AND stuck to your budget. I think I’m going to hit my library and see if I can get some good audio on Overdrive. I HATE running out of credits!

  2. Well way to go Felicia now you have turned me onto new book shopping site. So while you are helping your budget you’re killing mine!! haha Discover New Love I am now browsing. I don’t have a book budget and it gets me into a TON of trouble. “just one more books” I can’t say no. I am going to be investing in aduiobooks soon and I was nervous about the price but not that you said you get the occasional 2 for 1 that sounds awesome.

  3. I am so impressed with your organization! I need to take some inspiration here and get organized about my books in all forms, including Audible. Wonderful post!

  4. I am very impressed! I am reading like a fiend but still requesting too much. I have got to stay off Netgalley and Edelweiss! Not buying though since I have too much to read in ARC so that is a plus! High five girlfriend!

  5. WOW FELICIA! Look at how organized you are! You put me to shame. I have no idea how many books I’ve read this month or how many I’ve bought – I should probably keep track of that and put myself on a budget. *hangs head in shame* Well done you!!!!

  6. I spent too much this month. *hangs head* But I couldn’t help it! Too many books I HAD to have, parts of series I already have, and authors I love. See, this is the problem with loving books. I want them all.

    This month (and possibly the next), I’m going with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

  7. JenM

    I should check out Is It Me, or My Hormones. That’s pretty much the story of my life these days LOL. It sucks getting older. Looks like you are off to a great start with the book budget.

  8. You are doing FAB!!!

    Tell me when you get Shadow Heir read & we can harass Mead together. She can’t leave it like that!!!