Balancing the Book Budget 2015 Kicking it Off!

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Book Budget 2015

Balancing the Book Budget 2015 Kicking it Off! This worked so well for me last year that I am doing it again!


  • I can purchase up to $300 that I got in GC from Christmas/Birthday.
  • I can use my audible credits — I have 27 credits (I had 15 and got 12 for Christmas)
  • If I buy extra credits or if I use “Add Professional Narration” that comes out of my GC amount
  • I will track all my monthly reads through this post

How I will be Tracking:

Budget left after left month: $350 is my starting amount

Books Purchased/Dollar Amounts: 

Total Spent:

Audiobook Credits used:

Total Spent:

Review Books (Physical, Audio, or Edelweiss):

Total Requested:

Discover a New Love Books (5 Credits left)

Total Credits Used:

Books Won/Gifted:


What I shopped off my TBR (Out of my Jar):

Total knocked off my list:

What I borrowed from the library/friend ():

Total # Borrowed:


Budget left starting next month:

Total Spent this year:


Challenge Updates:

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15 responses to “Balancing the Book Budget 2015 Kicking it Off!

  1. I think you are awesome for managing a book budget as I always overspend. For every few books I buy, I try to get a book for free either via the library or from bookshop gift cards I’ve scrounged at birthdays or Christmas to keep the cost down.

  2. Good luck with your budget – I didn’t get quite as much in gift cards, so I’m starting off with a lower starting balance, by basically our budgets are very similar. Trying to focus in books I already have kr can get from the library this year. (or borrow from the Felicia library lol)

  3. I had a difficult time as it was sticking to my book buying ban in December, that a year-long budget is just so beyond the realm of possibility for me. Plus, even though I finally got a library membership my suspicions were confirmed, their selection SUCKS! I live in a French province, and they hate all things English so I’m kinda up shit creek there. Good luck with your goals!

  4. Again, I won’t make a budget, I don’t know how to stick to them 🙁 Now I do have to evaluate my use for Kindle unlimited, unless they add a lot more audios I will get rid of it.
    Good luck with all your challenges, I only signed up for, but I’m thinking about joining a few a of them, if they allow audios.
    Happy New Year Felicia! I can’t wait to meet you at RT 🙂

    • I only made one because I need it! I am beyond overspending in every aspect of my life so I have to hold myself accountable LOL 🙂

      I can’t wait to meet you at RT!

  5. I plan to buy TWO books this year. BURNED by Karen Marie Moning and the Fever book releasing in October. It’s the only series that I collect in hardback. Other than those two I will not be buying books this year. I have TONS in my TBR Jar, Audio accounts and access to more through the library.

    • I am really hoping to spend less than $50 on books this year. I am also backing away from review requests. I am so hopelessly behind. I have decided that I will only request books in series that I have already started. Anything else then I will get from the library or use an audible credit.

  6. I’m planning on budgeting better this year. I might even put my audible account on hold for a while. I have a ton of credits and a ton of books that I haven’t listened to. That doesn’t even count review copies. So much so, that I’m thinking I need to make a list of all the books I need to listen to so I can keep track. I’m also doing the library challenge. Hoping to keep my spending low.

    • I am really hoping to spend less than $50, only request books from series I have already started, and stick to using my audible credits for ones I can’t get from the library. I have more wiggle room because my family listened to me and got me gift cards. I would rather use them on home improvement things.

  7. Good Luck with all your challenges! I really need to get the Challenge Plugin, It just makes everything look so organized.

    You got a good budget to work with! I hope you have an amazing New Year Felicia with a bunch of wonderful new reads!!!