Balancing the Book Budget: September 2013

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Balancing the Book Budget: January 2013 Check-In

Book Budget: September 2013 Check-In


  • Spend less than $50 a month on books (Aim for less than $25)
  • I can use my audible credits (2 a month).  Any extra purchased counts against my budget
  • Track Review Books (I didn’t this month due to my work project starting)

Books Purchased/Dollar Amounts (5): $9.17

  1. Writing with Cold Feet: The Secrets of How to Write When You Are NOT Writing [Kindle Edition]
    By: Kathrin Lake (.99)
  2. Demon Restrained (The Demonkind Collective) [Kindle Edition]
    By: Kelly Apple (2.99)
  3. Hunter’s Heart: An Alpha Pack Novel [Mass Market Paperback]
    By: Tyler, J.D.. (0.00-Amex Points)
  4. Blue Forever (Men in Uniform) [Mass Market Paperback]
    By: Bruhns, Nina (0.00-Amex Points)
  5. The Art of Stealing Time: A Time Thief Novel [Mass Market Paperback]
    By: MacAlister, Katie (5.19)

Audiobook Credits (5) used: $40.44

  1. 3 Extra Credits- ($37.25)
  2. The Demon Lover: The Fairwick Trilogy, Book 1 (credit)
  3. Sin Undone (credit)
  4. The Fault in Our Stars (Daily Deal: $3.19)
  5. Getting Rowdy (credit)
  6. Entwined: Eternal Guardians Series, Book 2 (credit)
  7. Gifted Audiobook to friend (credit)

Book Club Purchase (0):

I actually was able to 2 get two Book Club reads through the library and the others were review books I had already read!

Discover a New Love Credits (2):  I still have 3 left to use

  1. Bad Nights by Rebecca York
  2. How to Date a Dragon by Ashlyn Chase

Books Won (0): Dang it!  October will be my month LOL


  1. Cipher (The Cipher Series) [Kindle Edition]
    By: Cindi Madsen
  2. The Bride of Casa Dracula [Kindle Edition]
    By: Marta Acosta
  3. Midnight Brunch at Casa Dracula [Kindle Edition]
    By: Marta Acosta

Total Spent September 2013: $49.16

Total Spent September 2012: $139.58 (I also bought a Paperwhite in Sept of last year)

Total WIN for September: Spent 89.97 less in books + 172.11 less w/paperwhite added in!

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17 responses to “Balancing the Book Budget: September 2013

  1. Well done Felicia! I spend so much on the house, that I can’t allow myself to buy books for a while, but it sure itches! I need that book right now …

  2. I love the way you keep track of the budget! What a fun idea. I also enjoyed reading. And a paperwhite, I’m drooling, and so want to get one for Christmas. I just can’t justify it yet, because my Kindle still works, no problems…

  3. Kristilyn (Reading in Winter)

    Awesome job! And good for you actually tracking your book spending … like I’ve said before, I should get on that. Maybe in the new year since I’ll be on a bit of a budget then …

    I haven’t won a book in a long time! Hopefully October will be a month for both of us!

  4. What a great way to track book spending! I love my paperwhite so that was a great investment and definitely helps to save on Kindle/free books. I don’t spend too much on books cause our money goes elsewhere but I have been using Quicken to update our family’s finances and it’s very helpful to see where our money actually goes. When you calculate out how much you spend in a particular area, it sure does help motivate you to find cheaper ways to manage your expenses and still have fun!

    • Quicken is so much more smarter than me LOL I do use an excel spreadsheet and it does help to actually see the numbers. I am trying to Dave Ramsey my life so it is very important to know where every cent goes *sigh*. I wish I was naturally budget conscience.

  5. Ooh, nice! And just under your budget, too! I over-requested Netgalley & Edelweiss books so I haven’t purchased any in a while (though I just did yesterday! Forgot about those two…).

    • Barely got in under the gun! I hope to do much better this month. I also hope to track Edelweiss, NetGalley, and Audio Reviews. I just didn’t last month and I have a feeling I was out of control LOL