Audiobook Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy March/Narrated By Amanda Ronconi

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Audiobook Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy March/Narrated By Amanda RonconiSource: Audiobook Purchase

Format: Audiobook

A Little Night Magic by Lucy March
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
Length: 8 hrs and 4 mins

Date Read: August 2013

Genre: PNR, Romance

Olivia Kiskey needs a change. She’s been working at the same Nodaway Falls, NY, waffle house since she was a teenager; not a lot of upward mobility there. She’s been in love with Tobias the cook for the last four years; he’s never made a move. Every Saturday night, she gathers with her three best friends – Peach, Millie, and Stacy – and drinks the same margaritas while listening to the same old stories. Intent on changing her life, she puts her house on the market, buys a one-way ticket to Europe, and announces her plans to her friends… but then she meets Davina Granville, a strange and mystical southern woman who shows Olivia that there is more to her small town life than she ever dreamed. As her latent magical powers come to the surface, Olivia discovers that having an interesting life is maybe not all it’s cracked up to be. The dark side of someone else’s magic is taking over good people in town, and changing them into vessels of malevolence… including Millie, who has been a shining example of sweetness for Liv since they were kids. Unwilling to cede her home to darkness, she battles the demons of her familial past and her magical present, and learns that the important things in life – friendship, love, magic and waffles – can get a girl through almost anything the Universe can throw at her.

More Information:
Publisher: Audible, St. Martin's Press
Series: Nodaway Falls #1

Also by this author: That Touch of Magic, For Love or Magic
Also in this series: That Touch of Magic, For Love or Magic

My Thoughts on


Read on August 02, 2013

Listened to for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 3.75
Character Rating: 4.25

Audio Rating: 4.50 (Not part of the overall rating)

First Thought When Finished: Really enjoyed A Little Night Magic! It reminded me a little of the Molly Harper books.

Story Thoughts: A Little Night Magic made me giggle, cheer, twist my hands, and root for the bad “guy” to get freaking caught. I listened to it in one day and even got my stepmom listening to it for her trip. This was a great combination of romance and mystery. It was just flat-out FUN!

Character Thoughts: I *heart* the girlfriends in this story! Olivia was a spit-fire who just happened to have a long-standing unrequited crush. Her solution was to go to Ireland. Is it any wonder that I loved her? She didn’t quite make it there but you have to love the gumption. I also liked her friends Peach and Stacy. I liked that they weren’t perfect and each had very unique personalities. I can’t wait to hear more about them as the series continues. As far as Tobias–it took awhile for me to warm up to him as a love interest but I loved him as a “cook” (well and his other job). Overall these were easy to like characters that make you want to know more about Nodaway Falls.

Audio Thoughts:

Narrated By Amanda Ronconi / Length: 8 hrs and 4 mins

I love Amanda Ronconi! Seriously she just rocks the quirky like no one’s business. She does great with sarcasm, wit, and characters that just need to sparkle. She is hands down one of my favorite narrators!

Final Thoughts: I recommend A Little Night Magic for those looking for a fun mystery read with just the right touch of magic!


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13 responses to “Audiobook Review: A Little Night Magic by Lucy March/Narrated By Amanda Ronconi

  1. Oh you sold me with, “A Little Night Magic made me giggle, cheer, twist my hands, and root for the bad “guy” to get freaking caught.” I love when a book gets you caught up in the story…so adding to my list!

  2. I like when the friends play a large part in the story itself. Olivia sounds like a great character — I think her solution of going to Ireland a good one. Maybe I should come up with solutions like that!

  3. This is my first encounter with this one and I think it sounds right up my alley. I love books with just a touch of magic! I am adding it my old TBR