APA Blogger of the Year–Love Letter to Audiobooks!

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Last Thursday, I got the news that I won the APA Blogger of the Year Award. I have been speechless since then which means it is a good thing I couldn’t say anything till now —cause Y’all it is freaking amazing and a little bit weird. Who knew that a hobby about something I love would equal industry awards? It is an honor and something that I am still processing.

However, I can totally tell you how great the runner-ups are: Shelf Addiction and Audiobook Reviewer. The Audiobook community is a very supportive community and just sharing space with these two is a total honor. They are well deserving and totally worth following. Go forth and find out for yourself!

Instead of trying to come up with an appropriate way to say Thank You (mostly cause I don’t think I have the words for it–and on a side-note I am NEVER judging a winner of an award again that can’t come up with a good speech). I am going to write a love letter to Audiobooks and all those involved!

My dearest Audiobooks,

I love you with all my heart! You have gotten me through sad times, happy times, tough times, and blocked out the outside world when I needed it most. You have brought me joy, made me cry, moved me deeply, and made me laugh out loud to the point that people are all like “what are you listening too”. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. You have been there since the early 70s in the form of records that gave me my first crushes (The Hardy Boys and their mysteries) and my first fantasy with Pete’s Dragon and The Hobbit. You followed me into the 80s where we would rent Books on Tape from Truck Stops as we traveled in the summers to wherever my dad’s job took him. During that time you mostly scared the crap out of me with the likes of Stephen King, James Patterson, and Micheal Crichton. However, I also snuck in my beloved Romance so I had my fair share of Pirates, Cowboys, and Epic Adventures. In the 90s, you were my savior when I had the longest commutes of life and was learning how to be an Adult. I listened to pretty much anything I could get my hands on. Since 2000, your quality has increased ten fold! You have brought me new rock stars (narrators and authors) and you have been there through the many changes we have as adults. Mostly though you have given me a community where I feel loved and cherished. The friends I have made through the Audiobook community are priceless. The Rock Stars aka Narrators and Authors I have met and fangirled over have never made me feel weird for thinking they are truly celebrities. In other words Audiobooks , you are my portal into my fandom and I love you for that!

My dearest Narrators,

What can I say! Twice a year I do spotlights on my favorites and there is still never enough room. The fact that the narrator world is so full of talent that 60 posts can’t do you justice says a lot about what I think of you. I love how you bring my favorite stories to life. I love that I have explored new works and new authors because of who the narrator is not because I know much about the author. I love that I can hear during your performance how much you love reading and bringing these books to life. I love that most of you embrace the bookish community with gusto. You fit right in and don’t mind us fangirling all over you.Β  Thank you for all the training, hard work, and continual improvement to the work that you put out. I know that it takes hundreds of hours of your life outside of the actual work to improve your craft and I thank you for that hard work. As a listener, I love that you take it so seriously and want the best experience for us!

My dearest Authors,

Thank you so much for taking a chance with your work to be brought to life in a new format. I know that it must be hard to relinquish that control but when you do, you find a new audience. Thank you for allowing your work to come to life and be heard by us audiobook listeners. I hope to listen to many more of your stories in the years to come!

My dearest Library,

I could not do this thank you without thanking the Librarians and Libraries that feed my addiction and have the books I desire. You truly are world-class and must for any audiobook listener!

My dearest fellow Listeners,

Thank you so much for the hours of conversation we have had over audiobooks. Thank you for the emails and DMs we have over trying to figure out aliases of our favorite narrators. For the countless recommendations and suggestions that make my TBR shelf (and audible credits) burst. Thank you for laughing with me, crying with me, and exchanging “OMGs” while listening to our favorite stories. Thank you for sharing my love of narrators and audiobooks. It was a bit scary when I switched over to an almost audiobook format (before bringing on Donna) and I was thrilled that y’all stuck with me after I made the change in 2012. I love the friendships I have made in this bookish community they are beyond priceless. Thank you for sharing my love of romance, urban fantasy, and science fiction. Thank you for the many years of support and conversation. Thank you for just being AWESOME!

Love Always-

Felicia The Geeky Blogger

To end this I want to say THANK YOU to the APA, judges, and everyone else that gave me this honor. I solemnly swear I am up to no good but plan on sharing my love of Audiobooks for years to come!




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43 responses to “APA Blogger of the Year–Love Letter to Audiobooks!

  1. I am so very happy for you here!! Congrats!! This is so incredible. Audiobooks saved me too. I fell hard for them when I was a teenager and just love what they can do for you.

  2. Congratulations! That is great! And I loved all you love letters. I am not very good with audio-books, but I’ve decided that I need to get better at it…… You are such an inspiration!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Start with something you have read before so you can concentrate on learning to listen. It helps to start there so you don’t feel like you missed part of the story.

      • That is a great idea! I used to listen to the older classics on Librivox when I was marking students’ work and that was very nice. But I struggle to listen while I work on the computer.

    • Thank you so much πŸ™‚ I was a bit floored and I am glad that I could twist my friends into listening to audiobooks. I am evil like that πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my friend… I am still giddy with excitement for you! Congratulations! Such a well-deserved honor. And you are a HUGE reason why I am such an audiobook addict now. Thank you for sharing the love and teaching me to be an audiophile! xo

  4. Lea

    So exciting! Much deserved for you. You’re a great blogger and I enjoy following you around social media and your blog. Congrats. **Confetti cannon**Champagne**Balloons**

    • Since I missed you in Chicago (went to the Naudies but left before the Audies crowd got there)—hopefully we connect this time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. WooHoo Felicia!! Congratulations, you definitely deserve this award. You are my heroine, and I love your reviews, you have never steered me wrong so far.
    I’m so happy for you, my friend. One more thing to celebrate in three weeks! *throws confetti*

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Also it might be more now that Donna reads /blogs for my blog. I have bought her favorites on Audio so they get double time on my blog LOL