April 25, 2014

Review: Along Came a Duke by Elizabeth Boyle

Review: Along Came a Duke by Elizabeth BoyleSource: Audiobook Purchase, Physical Book Purchase

Along Came a Duke by Elizabeth Boyle
Publisher: HarperCollins
Format: Paperback
Genre: Historical, Romance
Number of Pages: 384
Series: Rhymes With Love #1
Read: 2013

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Reading Challenges: 2013 Seriously Series
"A young lady with a fortune is subject to all sorts of untoward attentions by the worst sort of vagrants." Aunt Allegra

A lesson Tabitha Timmons, a penniless spinster, has never needed to heed. That is, until she is left a vast fortune payable only upon her marriage to the very respectable Mr. Barkworth--a match that offers little chance of discovering exactly what her aunt means by "untoward attentions."

But the same can't be said when the Duke of Preston happens along Tabitha's path. He spies a rebellious streak in her that matches his own and he makes it his mission to save her from such a passionless match, interfering in her life at every turn. All too soon, Preston--whose very name spells ruin--has Tabitha caught between the good fortune that guarantees her security, and his kiss, which promises an entirely different kind of happily-ever-after.


Read from December 27 to 31, 2013

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Overall Rating: 4.25
Story Rating: 4.00
Character Rating: 4.50

First Thought when Finished: Along Came a Duke was a brilliant beginning to this series!

Overall Thoughts: Confession: I read this one after reading the third one in the series. Totally doable if you are so inclined to go against the grain. I will say this, it made me love the 3rd couple even more and made me wish I had done it in order. There was a plus side though, reading out-of-order made me laugh at times during Tabitha and Preston’s “courtship”. Poor Preston had no idea what he was up against. To know what they are like further down the line just made me laugh and go “poor schmuck you are so hooked”. I would overall recommend reading these in order but it is quite OK if you don’t. Tabitha is probably my favorite leading lady of the 3 in the series. She is the one I could identify with the most. For a spinster, she has spunk. I loved her banter with Preston and felt she held her own. The end will make you squee with delight and want to grab the next one immediately.

Final Thoughts: Just plain delightful to read!
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In her non-reading time you can find her hanging with her rescue furr children both named after book characters: Tonks a beautiful Lab/Pyr mix and Cinder a beautiful Shep/Pitt mix.She also spends times with friends, family, attending conventions, watching movies/tv shows, rooting for the 49rs, and crocheting.

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10 Responses to Review: Along Came a Duke by Elizabeth Boyle

  1. Berls

    Between you and Kimba my historical tbr is growing way too fast! I’d be curious to get your thoughts on the narration once you do listen to it (or if you’re familiar with the narrator). I can read audio books a bit quicker than regular books :)
    Berls recently posted…Life of a Blogger | Celebrity Crushes

  2. Hi Felicia! I haven’t read these. I love historicals though. This sounds complicated. THere are so many more dukes in books than there actually are! I get a kick out of their titles!
    Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com recently posted…Movie Madness: The Heat and Identity Thief

  3. Amy

    Sounds like a good one. I need to get Boyle off my shelf & into my lap.
    Amy recently posted…No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean

  4. Mary

    I think I read this one out of order, too. With historicals, I always enjoy a good “penniless spinster” MC!
    Mary recently posted…Mini-Swarm Reviews: A Touch of Magic

  5. LOL! You didn’t read in order! :) You know you had me when you said you didn’t have to!

    This sounds excellent. I may even surprise you and read in order. ;)
    Melissa (Books and Things) recently posted…Witch Fall Excerpt

  6. Heidi says:

    Look at you reading out of order, you rebel. It is nice that you can read them in any order, but I always appreciate the development when I do read in order!
    Heidi recently posted…Review:Shadowplay(Pantomime #2) by Laura Lam

  7. What is up with all the Regency books today! I have no time for these great books!!! Too many genres – not enough time!!!!!! UGH!!! You and Kimba are killing me!!

    I hate when I read books out of order so I try really hard not to! But in this case it sounded like it was kind of fun to do it! Great review – I love schmucks!!
    My ParaHangover recently posted…Review: Love Your Entity by Cat Devon

  8. I love that your insider knowledge made the tale even more enjoyable, I am adding this to my list since clearly you loved book three as well!
    kimbacaffeinate recently posted…When the Rogue Returns by Sabrina Jeffries

  9. Aurian

    Nice review Felicia, I will have to read this series some day :)
    Aurian recently posted…Lisa Shearin – Magic lost, trouble found