Audiobook Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

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Audiobook Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn SparksSource: Audiobook Purchase

Format: Audiobook

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks
Narrator: Coleen Marlo
Length: 10 hrs and 30 mins

Date Read: December 2012

Genre: PNR, Romance

Toni Davis's Christmas wish list

1. Springing my best friend from the psych ward. 2. Living somewhere that doesn't have coffins in the basement. Occupied coffins. 3. Finding Mr. Right. Please make him tall, dark, handsome, and alive.

This Christmas isn't so merry for Toni. Her best friend's been locked up in a mental hospital ever since she told the police she was attacked by vampires, and the only way for Toni to get her out is to prove that bloodsuckers really do exist. So she's taken a job as a bodyguard for the Undead, but she gets more than she bargained for, especially when she meets Ian MacPhie, a Scottish rascal looking for Ms. Right.

Although Ian's nearly five centuries old, he looks and acts like a twenty-seven-year-old hunk.

How can a dead man be so damn sexy? Could Mr. Wrong be Mr. Right? One forbidden kiss could lead to an eternity of passion—and all it takes is one moment under the mistletoe . . .

More Information:
Publisher: Avon
Series: Love at Stake #5

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Also in this series: Eat Prey Love, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Audiobook Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire (Love at Stake #5) by Kerrelyn Sparks (25 Books for the Holidays)(Book 7)

Read from November 30 to December 03, 2012

Listened for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 4.50
Story Rating: 4.50
Character Rating: 4.50

Audio Rating: 3.50 (not part of the overall rating)

Part of my 25 Books for the Holidays for 2012

How All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire put me in the Holiday spirit: I absolutely loved this book! It made me laugh, cry, and cheer for love. Sort of makes you want your very own Scottish Vampire for Christmas 🙂

What I thought of the story/characters: All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire is filled with wonderful characters that will make you want to read each of their stories. I will admit this is my first K. Sparks book (yes I know I read out-of-order) but she just landed on my series to read list for next year. I want to know all about this group of vampires and shifters. I want to know how their lives turn out and how they each find love. The story of Ian and Toni was sweet. I love when it is the guy who is looking for forever romance and love. It is such a unique twist. I loved that Toni was looking to help her friend. They were just suited for each other from the beginning. Maybe it is the season but I am sucker for a HEA that is meant to be.

What I thought of the audio: Narrated by Coleen Marlo and she did a pretty good job. There were more male than female voices though. I thought this book would have been better suited for a male narrator. The pacing was excellent and she did as well as can be expected with so many male voices. I think I will be reading the rest of the series though instead of continuing on audio.

Overall Rating
4.5 / 5
Story Rating
4.5 / 5
Character Rating
4.5 / 5
Narrator Rating
3.5 / 5
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6 responses to “Audiobook Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

  1. You are rocking your Christmas challenge. Scottish Vamp. Sounds yummy, especially if he is anything like my Bones (I know he is English, but equally sexy accents).

  2. First, I am loving your Holiday Book Reviews! Bravo for reading holiday themed books all month, that’s a whole lotta holiday spirit 🙂 I think that I have read one of the books from this series, I will have to go look at my goodreads shelves, but your review has me thinking that I should grab this audio book this month for a holiday listen, A Scottish Vampire for Christmas sounds pretty nice… Book Savvy Babe

  3. You know this a series that I have been eyeing for a couple of years and haven’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe because I am burned out on vamps. I am glad to see that it got a high rating and had a huge impact on your heart. Sounds like I do need to dive right in!