Review: All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan

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Review: All Chained Up by Sophie JordanSource: Edelweiss EBook Review, Provided by Avon

Format: eARC

All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan

Date Read: March 2016

Genre: Romance, Suspense

There are bad boys and then there are the men of Devil’s Rock . . .
Some men come with a built-in warning label. Knox Callaghan is one of them. Danger radiates from every lean, muscled inch of him, and his deep blue eyes seem to see right through to Briar Davis’s most secret fantasies. But there’s one major problem: Briar is a nurse volunteering at the local prison, and Knox is an inmate who should be off-limits in every way.

Knox feels it too—a shocking animal magnetism that drives him to risk his own life to protect Briar’s. Paroled at last, he tries to resist her. She’s too innocent, too sweet, and she has no idea what Knox is capable of. But a single touch can lead to a kiss—and a taste . . . until the only crime is denying what feels so right . . .

“When the prison doors are open, the real dragon will fly out.”—Ho Chi Minh

More Information:
Publisher: Avon
Series: Devil's Rock #1

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Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 3.75
Character Rating: 4.25

First Thought when Finished: All Chained Up was a story that I knew I wouldn’t make my final decision about till the very end and it ended up working.

Quick Thoughts: There was a 50/50 chance that All Chained Up would not work for me. I am not a fan of romances with lead characters that are or start out on the wrong side of the law. It really does have to be a redeeming sort of story for it to work ( I stay away from a lot of biker MC/OC romances). This one worked because of the character ARC of Knox. I won’t give much away because I think everyone will have a different reactions to it. For me, I think the combo of his back story and his acknowledgment went a long way to me accepting his romance. CAVEAT: though there was a point where I was almost sure that I was done with him and shut the book. I am glad I stuck it out! I think his path in life could not have come without someone like Briar. She was a little mousy for my taste but had backbone when needed. She also had a quiet strength that someone like Knox probably needed. So this was a case of two characters that would not normally work for me ending up being a truly enjoyable read. I look forward to the rest of the series to see if each of the men can be the kind I can root for. I am not sure they will but Sophie will probably find a way to make it so!

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Overall Rating
4 / 5
Story Rating
4 / 5
Character Rating
4 / 5
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15 responses to “Review: All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan

  1. Nikki H

    I’ve been eyeing this book and was glad to see you reviewed it. I do like MC books–but am really picky about whose books I read. So far, I just like Kristen Ashley and Joanne Wilde and not too many others. I’ll be checking this one out.

  2. I have read one of her young adult books, and I keep thinking I need to try one of her adult books. I like that the MC worked for you

  3. I typically stay away from motorcycle club type stories as well Felicia, I tend to struggle with the super bad boy types, but I’m glad this one worked for you, inmate and all. I was a little worried when you called Briar mousy, but I’m happy to hear she summoned up a little backbone when it was needed!

    • Yeah I just can’t with truly bad boys so I was hesitant. This one worked but I am not sure that the whole series will work for me. It will be a case by case basis.

  4. I tend to feel the same way Felicia, but from time to time author’s bring me a character who is redeemable. As for MC romances…nope I like my men dark and edgy but law abiding 🙂

    • That is me and probably why this work. Even though he was in Prison, when he was parolled he followed the law. That was probably the saving grace.

  5. These kinds of books are hot or miss for me too. As well as Jordon’s comtemps – I’ve loved a few and others not so much.

    • I have only read her historicals and the first in one of her YA series. I haven’t read any of her contempts. I am not sure this whole series will work for me. The next guy is one who broke out of prison and left some destruction in his wake.

  6. I am sort of like you, I don’t care for the wrong side of the law type and I don’t read biker books or things like it. I am glad it ended up working for you. 🙂

    • They aren’t my normal cup of tea. I have one series I really like but outside of that and this one they really haven’t worked for me 🙂

  7. I’ve yet to read a MC romance. I have read stories where the hero is in the wrong side of the law or isn’t an all around good person. I’ve had varying success with those stories. I think it depends on how the author tries to redeem them. Most of the ones I’ve read, the authors really don’t try. They know that these are bad men and they leave them that way. But they do write them where you can understand them and you can take them for what they are. I hope the rest of this series works for you.

    • I am pretty much going to do this series on a case by case basis. The next guy is a really bad guy that left some destruction as he was escaping from Prison. I am pretty sure his story won’t work for me LOL