Donna’s Review: A Fierce Wind by Regan Walker

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Donna’s Review: A Fierce Wind by Regan WalkerSource: NetGalley EBook Review

A Fierce Wind by Regan Walker

Date Read: August 23, 2018

Genre: Historical, Romance

"Simply Magnificent!" – Stew Ross, author of Where Did They Put the Guillotine?

Love in the time of revolution

France 1794

Zoé Ariane Donet was in love with love until she met the young commander of the royalist army fighting the revolutionaries tearing apart France. When the dashing young general is killed, she joins the royalist cause, rescuing émigrés fleeing Robespierre’s Reign of Terror.

One man watches over her: Frederick West, the brother of an English earl, who has known Zoé since she was a precocious ten-year-old child. At sixteen, she promised great beauty, the flower of French womanhood about to bloom. Now, four years later, as the Terror seizes France by the throat, Zoé has become a beautiful temptress Freddie vows to protect with his life.

But English spies don’t live long in Revolutionary France.

More Information:
Publisher: Regan Walker Publishing
Series: Donet Trilogy #3

Also by this author: Echo in the Wind, A Secret Scottish Christmas
Also in this series: Echo in the Wind

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Overall Rating: 5.00

One of the best things about Regan Walker’s books is the historical accuracy. This book takes place in the 1790’s after the French King was deposed and before Napoleon. Frederick West, brother to the Earl of Torrington, works for the British crown. He has known Zoe Donet since she was 10 and came to live with her Uncle Jean and his wife Joanna, Frederick’s sister. Jean Donet, former pirate, privateer, smuggler and Comte, has left his homes in France for the Isle of Guernsey (English) to keep his family safe.

At the request of the English government, Freddie is working with the Donets to help refugees flee and discover what supplies and arms the royalists need to fight. Zoe is determined to bring French women and children to safety. While they work to help the royalists, Zoe begins to realize she loves Freddie, who has always loved her. During a revolution, not everything goes as planned and danger is all around. I will not spoil this book but will warn you that you won’t want to put it down. I can easily recommend this wonderful story.

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Overall Rating
5 / 5
Story Rating
5 / 5
Character Rating
5 / 5
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3 responses to “Donna’s Review: A Fierce Wind by Regan Walker

  1. Donna, Thank you so much for the lovely review. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Each one in the Donet Trilogy can be read as a standalone but I do hope you will read book 1, To Tame the Wind, too! It has won several awards.

  2. bookwormbrandee

    This sounds really good and I’m a fan of historical accuracy in my historical reads, even if they are romances. 🙂 And I like that this is set in France…don’t read a lot of books set in France. I’d not heard of this author before, Donna, so thanks for putting her on my radar.