Donna’s Review: A Duke a Dozen by Shana Galen

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Donna’s Review: A Duke a Dozen by Shana GalenA Duke a Dozen by Shana Galen

They call him the Doomed Duke. Phineas Duncombe, ninth Duke of Mayne, should not be the duke. After all, he had four—count them—four older brothers! Phin never wanted the dukedom, and the suspicious circumstances of the eighth duke’s death lead Phin to question the Countess of Longstowe. The beautiful widow isn’t at all what Phin expected. He’s intrigued by her and determined to seduce her. The countess is not interested in Phin romantically, but when she comes to him with another request, he can’t deny it. A few days in the country with Lady Longstowe reveal two truths to the new duke. One, he cares for the countess much more than any other woman he’s ever known. Two, Phin either has very bad luck or someone is trying to kill him.

They call her the Wanton Widow. Annabel was barely eighteen when she was married to the elderly Earl of Longstowe. A harsh, sadistic man, the earl’s death was not something Annabel mourned. Now in her mid-forties, Annabel enjoys her widowhood and has no desire to ever be under a man’s thumb again. Not even a handsome duke like Mayne, who is far too young for her anyway. Annabel’s one desire is to find the daughter who was taken away from her. For that she needs a man with power and status. She needs the Duke of Mayne. When the two are thrust together, Annabel struggles to fight her attraction to the charming Phin. She’s losing the battle. But can she ever trust another man, especially with the one part of herself she’s never given away—her heart?

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Series: The Survivors #6

Also by this author: Earls Just Want to Have Fun, The Dukes of Vauxhall, Traitor in Her Arms, Third Son's a Charm, No Earls Allowed
Also in this series: Third Son's a Charm, No Earls Allowed

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Overall Rating: 5.00

Phineas Leopold Duncombe, the 9th Duke of Mayne, and his friend Stratford Fortescue wonder about the four strange early deaths of Phin’s older brothers. One of the brothers died after visiting the “Wanton Widow” (Lady Anabel Longstowe) and Phin decides to ask her some questions. He also finds her very attractive, even if she is older than he. Annabel knows nothing about his brothers’ deaths, but she would like his help finding her child. Her husband had sent the child to a hospital that takes cares of special needs patients and she’d like to find her daughter.

He decides to help her find her daughter and they set off to Ceald House, where the current Earl and his mother live. Anabel has horrible memories of the house but needs to find her daughter. She is also worried about Phin’s numerous attacks and injuries. They can’t be random, and he is determined to find the cause. After they find the culprit Phin convinces her to marry him and poor Colin Fitzroy is given the task of telling Phin’s mother of his marriage.

I can’t wait for Colin’s story. I so enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it. Thanks for another great one Shana Galen.


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5 / 5
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