9 Year BlogVersary!

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I started this crazy little book blog on Dec 31 2008.   It started as a place to track all the books that I was reading in a year. I didn’t know anything about the book blogging community. I didn’t know anything about book conventions. I certainly had no idea about the many wondrous thing the blog would bring into my life.

I am so thrilled that I started the blog because of all the friends that it has brought into my life. The blog has grown and changed over the years. I started on Blogger as FleasBooks. In 2010 I did my first Dewey’s. I changed my blog name in 2010 to Geeky Bloggers Book Blog.  2010-2012 I participated in many read-a-longs, blog tours, and book spotlights. In 2011 I moved to wordpress. In 2010, I went to my first reading convention. In 2012, I gave up blog tours (mostly) and focused just on reading. In 2012, I switched to mostly audiobooks. In 2011, I was nominated my first blog award at a reading convention. In 2012, I went to my first blogging convention (separate from books). I learned a lot and put a lot into motion. In 2015, I became an Avon Addict. In 2016, I lead a BEA round table for bloggers focusing on the FTC.  In 2016, I was runner up in APA Blogger of the Year contest. In 2017, I won that award. In 2017 I also guested on a few podcasts. None of these things I could see happening when I started.

My review style has changed over the years until I found my groove. My reading preferences have also grown over the years. I ebb and flow and have been more open to trying things outside of my reading comfort zone. I have found many new to me authors that have become staples in my library and new narrators that I seek out when trying new things. I could not have done any of this without my 3 library cards and the publishers I work with.

I could not have made it this long without the friendships that I have made through blogging. There are way to many people to list but I want to say a special thank you to Jen (That’s What I’m Talking About) for hosting FitReaders with me.  A special thank you to Melanie and Lupi from Hot Listens for The Sultry Listeners Awards. Thank you Jennifer (The Book Nympho) for our Library Challenge we did a few years ago and Melissa (Books and Things) for our Doggie Give Back Challenge. I have worked with many amazing bloggers and podcasters over the years and look forward to doing it more in the future.

I am so thankful for all my years of book blogging. I have learned, loved, and changed so much. Thank you all for your support and friendship!

I love the reading community and look forward to connecting more!


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Felicia is just your average gal from Texas that loves Audiobooks and Libraries with a passion! She can wine them, dine them, and love them forever. Her eclectic reading tastes include: Cozy Mysteries, Thrillers, Swoon-Worthy Romance of all kinds, Zombies, Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and the occasional YA read.

During her non-reading time you can find her hanging with her rescue furr children named after book characters: Lizzie a beautiful cattle dog mix (Pound Pup), Cinder a beautiful Shep/Pitt mix (Pound Pup), and Minerva a beautiful Shep/Pitt mix (Foster Fail). Gathering with friends and family, attending conventions, watching movies/tv shows, rooting for the 49rs, and crocheting.

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34 responses to “9 Year BlogVersary!

  1. Congrats on your 9 amazing years! The important thing is you have learned and grown. It has allowed you to do and experience so much. I’m so glad I met you! Wishing you the very best in your future years. Anne

  2. Congratulations, Felicia. That is a big milestone. I am so glad I met you on this journey. Here is to many more years of blogging.

  3. Happy 9th Felicia! You are a blogger that I admire and try to emulate. You have the right attitude to the whole thing and I always keep that in mind when I’m hitting another burnout.

  4. Wow! 9 years! *applause* that’s amazing, before you even talk about all you’ve done and accomplished with the blog! I’m so glad to have met you and am thankful for the world you’ve introduced me too off the blog as well. Happy Blogoversary!!

    • Me too my friend! Here is to many more book clubs, sushi nights, and crazy book talk in person 🙂 Thank you for taking on so much responsibility for Cover Girls 🙂 We couldn’t do it without you!

  5. Oh Happy Blogversary!!! I am so happy for you. I will be celebrating my 9th in June and so excited. Its crazy how long its been right and the time has just flown by and my blog has changed so much over the years!! And I love getting to know you over the past 8 years and hope that 2018 is a great year for you.

  6. Wow! Nine years is impressive and it’s interesting to see all the changes you’ve been through. Congratulations and thanks for all you do to support audiobooks!

  7. nikkiphilton

    Happy BlogVersary! I’m so glad I found you! Some day I’ll make it over to the book club to meet you. Stay warm!