#30DaysOfThanks2015 Day 29 Bloggers: Amanda, Kelly, & Christi aka the trio of AWESOME!

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Hi Y’all! It is November and I am bringing back #30DaysOfThanks for Year 4 aka #30DaysOfThanks2015. I had so much fun doing this last 3 years that I thought I would recycle the program again this year. Switching it up this year with 3 posts a day–1 author, 1 narrator, and 1 blogger that really touched me this year. I didn’t have room to thank everyone because really my life overfloweth with awesome bloggers, books, and listening enjoyment. I tried to fit in some new people who have come into my life/reading enjoyment the last year while still shouting out my tribe of many years. I am so glad that I didn’t have room because it means my life ROCKS!

Amanda, Kelly, & Christi aka the trio of AWESOME!

Oh this group of girls is one that I don’t think I could live without in my blogging life. They have all become wonderful authors on top of bloggers but they will always be friends. Their talent, dedication, and love of romance are just a few of the reasons that I adore them. Amanda is always willing to give advice about blogging and her skills are top notch. Kelly jumped in and took over Top Off Tuesday so the world would still have hot shirtless men to look at (or so I would–whatever). Christi is a reading rock star and is always reading something that I want to add to my TBR. Those are a few reasons you should get to know them. Here is the reason that they are my friends: they make me laugh daily (I have a twitter column just for them), they are always there when I send out a call for help, and I know I can count on them for anything! The blogging and romance book community is better with them in it. I am so glad to call them friends.

Trio of Awesome

About Amanda (Blogger side -from her website)

20zwticMy name is Amanda. I like books. It’s basically an epic love story. (Just don’t tell the boyfriend he’s got competition.) On occasion, I even write books.

On a Book Bender was born of a serious addiction to books that few understood — until I found the book blogging community. It’s my brain child. (I also have a dog niece. See photo. Adorable, amirite? Lucy’s cute too.) My addiction now is to historical romances. It’s grand. Like a ball with dresses. Which happens a lot in historical romances.

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About Amanda Shofner (Writer Side-From her website)

amandashofnerhomepageAmanda Shofner (n.)

1. Writer who creates stories to satisfy her opposing desires: adventure and staying home

2. Coffee aficionada and “wine away the whine” proponent

3. Content strategist at Hillcrest Media Group

4. INTJ: introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging; HSP: highly sensitive person; left-handed; curly-haired

5. Secret admirer of quirky and unapologetically passionate people

6. Reader and blogger at On a Book Bender

Origin: Made by combining the words Amanda (lovable, worthy of love) and Shofner (an Americanized German surname, thought to be derived from Schaffner), Amanda Shofner is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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About Kelly (Blogger Side-from her website)


Reading the Paranormal is run by Kelly, book addict and certified #GutterPass-er. It went live in September of 2010 and is a review centered book blog with focuses on Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, and the (sometimes more than) occasional erotica book. All reviews are based on how much Kelly personally enjoyed the book. There does tend to be quite a bit of flailing and CAPS LOCKING when she gets excited. Just so you know.

The biggest question you might have at this point is: Why is Kelly talking about herself in the 3rd person? The answer is: NO ONE KNOWS! 

The current schedule for the blog is as follows:
Monday: Review
Tuesday: Top Off Tuesday 
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Review
Friday: Review
Saturday: Blog Housekeeping/Review
Sunday: RtP Week in Review

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About Kelly Apple (Author Side-from her website)

KA-SocialMedia-225x300Kelly Apple is a hardcore paranormal junkie with the bad habit of falling for damaged heroes. Finding (and writing) characters who make her heart break is one of her goals in life. She has a boy who can drink his weight in Mountain Dew and always tries to get her to play video games with him. She politely declines on account of all the voices in her head who are impatiently waiting for their stories to be told. Oddly, her two dogs have never tried to talk her into playing video games. They just expect belly rubs.

Kelly lives in sunny Northern California and she’s baffled by snow. Her flip-flop tan is something many dream about but few can achieve.

She reads, she writes, she tweets.

Find Kelly at:
@KellyRApple | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Amazon

About Christi (Blogger Side-from her website)

30s7eckThis is my personal book review blog. And it is just that….my personal opinion! ;o) I read for fun and entertainment so that’s how I base my ratings. If I love a book, it will get a high rating. I read most anything within romance genre. I love to read and share that love so I hope that you find some good books here to to add to your own reading pile!

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About Christi Snow (Author Side-from her website)

Christi Snow 15As an avid reader my entire life, I’ve always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy I feel when I read.

But…I never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes.
When I turned 41, I decided it was time to go after my dream and started writing. Within four months, I’d written over 150,000 words and haven’t stopped since. I’ve found my passion by writing about sexy, alpha heroes and smart, tough heroines falling in love and finding their passion. I’m truly living the dream and loving every minute of it.

My tagline is…

Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. I have to admit, I am loving this adventure!

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One of each of their books to check out!

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