#30DaysOfThanks2015 Day 22 Blogger: Berls at Fantasy is More Fun

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Hi Y’all! It is November and I am bringing back #30DaysOfThanks for Year 4 aka #30DaysOfThanks2015. I had so much fun doing this last 3 years that I thought I would recycle the program again this year. Switching it up this year with 3 posts a day–1 author, 1 narrator, and 1 blogger that really touched me this year. I didn’t have room to thank everyone because really my life overfloweth with awesome bloggers, books, and listening enjoyment. I tried to fit in some new people who have come into my life/reading enjoyment the last year while still shouting out my tribe of many years. I am so glad that I didn’t have room because it means my life ROCKS!

Berls at Fantasy is More Fun

So Berls and I live in the same area so she is one of those people who I am lucky enough to hang with both online and in real life. She is one of my favorite people. She is funny, smart, and can now add the “incredibly shrinking woman” to her name. She is really giving and sweet. She is just one of those people who it is hard not to love. Plus she takes my white wine so I don’t feel guilty about it going to waste!
Fantasy is More Fun

About Berls (from her website)



I am the founder and blogger here at Fantasy is More Fun. I’m a native of upstate New York, but happily left behind the extreme cold for Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas when I was thirteen with my family and consider myself a Texan. I had to leave for 2 1/2 years while I attended Grad school in St. Louis, but I’m now back, happily living in Carrollton, TX. I”m still attending Grad School in St. Louis (Washington University in St. Louis), but I’m at the stage where I can work where I want and you know I FLED for Texas!

I’ve loved reading as long as I can remember knowing how and will always pick a book over watching tv, a movie, or sometimes even spending time with friends/family. I caught the blogging bug when I started this blog in July 2013 and it takes up most of my spare time (that’s not spent reading). When I’m not reading or blogging, I’m usually spending time with my boyfriend of 8 years, his son, or my brother (who happens to be the design genius behind my blog). My dog, Buffy (yes, she’s named for Buffy the Vampire Slayer my all-time favorite show) is always by my side, whether I’m reading, blogging, or just hanging – and she’ll probably show up in a few blog posts.

As a little girl I wanted to be author and even wrote a short story that I sent to a publisher. I did this all on my own, just taking the address out of my favorite Babysitter’s Club book and asking them to make it into a book for other people to read for me. Although my first attempt at publishing wasn’t successful, I cherished that rejection letter for years and maybe someday I’ll fulfill that childhood dream of writing my own books. I recently finished the first draft of my first novel – Sweeter Than Death – and really hope that I’ll be able to make a go of it someday not to far away. But in the meantime, I enjoy sharing my love of books with others and will often showcase indie authors that I admire for doing what it takes to make their dreams to write come true.

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t reading at least one book and I’ve often longed for people that I could share that joy with. That’s what I love so much about blogging and communities like Goodreads and Shelfari – I finally found people who love to read as much as I do and who enjoy the kind of books I do!

I am an avid reader and writer, but I have NO webdesign/html experience what-so-ever. So I’m hoping that as time passes you’ll get to watch my blog grow up and look better and better all the time. Thanks for taking the adventure with me!

To contact me, either fill out the Contact Me form or mail me at: berls@fantasyismorefun.comI am not currently accepting reviews. I will update this page when that situation changes. Thanks!

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16 responses to “#30DaysOfThanks2015 Day 22 Blogger: Berls at Fantasy is More Fun

  1. Aww thanks Felicia you’re too sweet! And yes, I’ll happily take that white wine off your hands 🙂 and the NA books too lol! I just realized I need to update my About me lol – I’ve been with my husband /BF for almost 11 years now, don’t attend WashU and am finally published… Not to mention I live in Dallas now. One more thing for the to do list that never ends!

    Anywho I’m so lucky to live in the same area as you! Thanks to you I’ve made it to some cool events not to mention book club and just generally getting to hang out with you!!! Hugs 🙂

    • I didn’t read the about me just copied/pasted it LOL That being said now that I have—it need a little updating 🙂 You can put ran by mini-tyrants and appreciator of wine 🙂

      *hugs* Hopefully after hell year we see you more though I totally get it. I had that with hell project.

  2. I am jealous that you have gotten to hang with her. I am hoping to finally meet in Chicago. I can’t wait to meet her. 2 years of talking on the phone and texting she has become one of my best friends and someone who, even far away, was there for me when I was going through a very hard time. I don’t know what i would do without her.
    She is honestly one of my favorite people on the planet! HUGS!!!

    • I am surprised Dallas has survived both of us but so far it is still standing 🙂 I love that she is in my bookclubs and I get to see her often. I am just really pulling for her to survive hell year!

  3. *Smooches Berls!* You gotta love the girl who helps you to not waste any wine, right? I am pretty sure I remember ALL of us enjoying the margaritas, though 😉
    I’m happy you gals get to hang out both online and offline. It was such a treat to spend time with you at RT 😀