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Month of Thanks

Hi Y’all! It is November and I am bringing back the Month of Thanks. I had so much fun doing this last year that I thought I would recycle the program again this year.   Each day I will highlight one book from 2013 that really stuck with me and one blogger (and their awesomeness) that I am thankful for! These are not in any particular order and by no means is 30 going to cover everyone (r book) that I love.

Terminated by Rachel Caine

Listened for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 5.00
Story Rating: 5.00
Character Rating: 5.00

Audio Rating: 4.00

First Thought when Finished: Terminated ended in a way that I think wrapped up the trilogy in the most perfect of ways! BRAVO! (Also there was a moment there that I was bit scared).

Why I loved Terminated: Often the end of a series leaves me wanting but this one ended EXACTLY the way I thought it should.  That alone was enough for me to love it!

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The Book Swarm

Best Thing about The Book Swarm: Let’s just say that she and I have this uncanny ability to be on the same humor level about most things.  I laugh a lot with her!

What I *heart* about The Book Swarm: Oh gosh!  I could gush about her all day.  Here my top 3 favorite things about her: smart, funny, and witty.  She is all those things and many more.  She can totally make me snort tea through my nose when reading her posts.  She speeds date a book in the most hilarious of ways and I totally get what she is saying.  I just adore her and think everyone should know her brilliance.

Why you should follow her: Her reviews really are very good, sometimes humorous, and always from the heart!

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8 responses to “30 Days of Thanks 2013 day 9: Terminated by Rachel Caine | The Book Swarm

  1. 1. Ugh, I’m behind on this series! Must stop reading NA now!! I’m freaking addicted to it – ack!!

    2. Yay! I love Mary, too! Another person I need to visit more! She has awesome features!

    Awesome feature this month from you, too, girlie!!! <3

  2. Good stuff on The Book Swarm! Added to my feed. I’ll have to catch up with this Rachel Caine series sometime, now that Morganville has ended.

  3. THANKYOOOUUUUU! You’re so very awesome! And that’s why I follow you, too!! I incredibly thankful to have found you and your fantastic blog. *long-distance bloggy hugs*