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Month of Thanks

Hi Y’all! It is November and I am bringing back the Month of Thanks. I had so much fun doing this last year that I thought I would recycle the program again this year.   Each day I will highlight one book from 2013 that really stuck with me and one blogger (and their awesomeness) that I am thankful for! These are not in any particular order and by no means is 30 going to cover everyone (r book) that I love.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Listened for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating 4.75
Story Rating 5.00
Character Rating 4.50

Audio Rating: 4.50 (not part of the overall rating)

First Thought when Finished: This was a fantastic story that I was totally surprised I liked so much!

Story Talk:

“Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”― Marissa Meyer, Cinder

Why I Loved Cinder:  I named my dog after her because she is spunky and a brilliant YA leading lady.  I think this will probably be the only YA on my 2013 list.  I enjoyed every minute of it!

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Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust

What I like best about Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust: Stephanie makes me smile daily!

What I *heart* about Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust: Here is what you need to know aka the deets: Stephanie reads good books!  I totally will pick up a book on her recommendation and she is always finding the gems I miss. Prime example: HOW TO MARRY A HIGHLANDER by Katharine Ashe <— how did I miss a book with a guy in a kilt and no shirt on.  I do not miss highlanders often and she found me one!  Excuse me while I go stare at the cover a little longer!

Why you should follow Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust:  She is one of go-to people for all things romance!  She reads Paranormal, Smexy, Historical, Sci-fi, and a spattering of other things.  She also has great giveaways!  She is currently in the middle of a move to wordpress and rumor has it she will have a follow the wordpress blog giveaway soon.  You don’t want to miss that!

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13 responses to “#30DaysofThanks2013 Day 11: Cinder by Marissa Meyer | Fangs, Wands, & Fairy Dust

  1. Marissa Meyer is genius and the narrator ROCKS! Where can we bang someone on the head and steal their ARC of Cress?

    Awesomesauce blogger recommending great books about men in kilts….Lass, I’m headed over there to check her out.

  2. I’m ashame to admit that Cinder has been collecting dust on my Ipod, I have no idea why I haven’t listened to it. It reminds me of The Titatanic(movie)when it first came out, I refuesed to go see it…LOL so finally after a few years of its release I saw it, and I felt head over heels over it 🙂 Maybe that will happen with Cinder.
    I agree, Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust is a great blog.

  3. I absolutely adored Cinder, too. Wasn’t expecting to like it so much, either. And it’s always good when a blogger makes recommendations that just seem to fit!