11th Blogversary: Action Items for y’all (POC Authors and Romance Narrators)

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Y’all this year I wasn’t sure I would continue blogging. I even moved Sultry Listeners over to it’s own domain so I had the option to call it time, if it was. I also moved most of FitReaders to FB Group so it would continue.  Also I started participating more in Audiobook Podcasts when asked, groups cause I love them, and spending more time on Twitter. I didn’t even finish 30 Days of Thanks (though I do have all the posts so they will be happening this week) because I was BURNT OUT! I am not tired of the Audiobook and Romance book world but blogging y’all is freaking work and work is hard enough.  However, with recent events I feel like my time to quit isn’t quite here yet.  I will deal the romancelandia RWA thing in another post (after wine maybe) but I guess it made me realize there is still a space for blogs and their voices.

So for 2020 here is what you can expect:

  • Less Reviews (though I am taking on another reviewer who listens to romance audiobooks so it might not be less–just less from me). I have decided that most of my reactions to books I read will exist on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Vivian Arend will be on the blog every month of 2020 because I owe her a month so I am just going to give her two. She was awesome and supported Romance for Raices so she is going to get her time.
  • More opinion pieces (this could make you dislike me) but something about turning 11 Blog Years old and 48 real person years old has made me realize that I have voice that I need to use.
  • POC spotlight on Wednesday so if you have a book (double points for audiobook) and want a spot just email me.
  • Audiobook Sultry Listener Winners and Runner-ups on Thursdays. Since I am personally backing off from reviews this is how I am going to support Romance Audiobooks this way.
  • 24 Romance Narrator spotlights (2 a month)–the first 24 Romance Narrators who contact me will get a spotlight.  These will come on a first come, first serve basis.  This spot must be to promote your Romance work. You can mention you other stuff for sure but basics needed for this post are either a short paragraph about working on a specific audiobook or how you feel about the romance audiobook world.  The book you would like to pimp (you will get your timeslot from me when you send me an email saying you are interested), and then a list of other books you want to pimp!

So next year will look different on the blog but I think this will take some pressure off and post the stuff you really want to see!

Thank y’all for sticking with me for 11 years! Who would of thought when I opened this on Dec 31 2008 —it would have lead to all of this 🙂 Makes me glad I shut down my personal blog to do this!!!

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3 responses to “11th Blogversary: Action Items for y’all (POC Authors and Romance Narrators)

  1. Congrats my friend! I’ll have to send you some recommendations for your spotlight! I look forward to your opinions ALWAYS! xoxo Happy New Year.

  2. Congrats on being 11 years old, and I truly think it’s amazing that you are using your platform to fight for what you believe in….it’s what we should all be doing more and more if we can! I think ALL voices deserve love, fairness and respect!! Keep doing what you are doing and do what is best for you that is the most important thing!! Love you darling